Help my body is destroying my pancreas! =

Help my body is destroying my pancreas! =

Help my body is destroying my pancreas! =

Lavoi, Paul, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Help my body is destroying my pancreas!Sally – UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTBiomedical Science at Cardiff UniversityType 1 DiabetesWhat it isWhy is it importantHow does it happenWhat are scientists doing about it

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Sugars are broken down into GlucoseGlucose is absorbed in the small intestine into the bloodGlucose travels in the blood to the tissues to provide energy What is in my lunch box=Foods with High sugar have over 22.5g of sugars per 100gFood with low sugars have less than 5g of sugars per 100g

What Happens to the Sugar once It Gets INTO The BLOODInsulin FROM the PANCREAS ALLOWS Glucose to move from the blood into the cellsProblems in this system often result in diabetesBlood

IN TYPE 1 DIABETES the cells in the pancreas are destroyed by auto antibodiesAntibodies are produced by the immune system to dispose of bacteria or anything else which isn’t meant to be thereThe auto part of the antibodies mean they attack our own cells!In Type 1 diabetes this is the pancreas cellsLights, camera, actionWhat will Happen If there is no insulinAfter a mealAfter doing exercise (using lots of energy)Hyperglycemia – high blood sugarHypoglycemia – low blood sugarIf blood sugar is not returned to normal there can be more severe complications

Why do so many older people have diabetesType 2 diabetes is becoming more in addition to more commonInsulin here does not function correctly due overloading with sugarKey no longer works on the lockTreatment- Diet in addition to exercise

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