HISAC Final Conference Paris, June, 2009 Richard R. Tracy Chief Technology Offic

HISAC Final Conference Paris, June, 2009 Richard R. Tracy Chief Technology Offic www.phwiki.com

HISAC Final Conference Paris, June, 2009 Richard R. Tracy Chief Technology Offic

Poellnitz, Brian, Operations Manager has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal HISAC Final Conference Paris, June, 2009 Richard R. Tracy Chief Technology Officer Aerion Corporation HISAC Conference Supersonic Dichotomy Two approaches to civil supersonic flight have emerged since the Concorde. Low sonic boom is the goal of most programs, with increased range secondary Maximum range in addition to flexibility is Aerion’s focus, with no compromise as long as boom reduction HISAC stimulates a comparative assessment of the problems in addition to benefits of both approaches HISAC Conference Market Issue Value of flying supersonic over populated areas, versus Weight in addition to cost increase, along with adverse “green” impact Route restrictions to corridors, in addition to “superboom” avoidance Delayed availability by five to ten years Uncertainty whether low boom will be approved

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HISAC Conference Aerion Goals “Uncompromised” supersonic cruise efficiency Strong emphasis on subsonic per as long as mance Current production engine in addition to systems Practical, operationally flexible aircraft Low business in addition to technological risk First to market HISAC Conference Traditional Approach Delta Wing Least supersonic lift-related drag High sweep, short span in addition to ineffective flaps Result Longer runways in addition to high angle of attack Less efficient subsonic cruise Aerion’s Approach

HISAC Conference Laminar Wing Concept Unswept (laminar) Delta (turbulent) HISAC Conference Laminar Wing Advantages: The Virtuous Cycle Lower drag requires Less thrust, allowing Smaller engine in addition to Less fuel HISAC Conference Laminar Wing Advantages Supersonic cruise efficiency Subsonic cruise efficiency Good low speed per as long as mance Flat approach attitude

HISAC Conference Laminar Flow Validation F-15 flight test at NASA Dryden Demonstrated SSNLF to >10 million Test article full chord NLF test at ETW Demonstrated SSNLF to 30 million Test article full chord Aerodynamic full scale Level required as long as Aerion per as long as mance HISAC Conference Sonic Boom: Considerations Current FAA: prohibits Mach 1 or greater over U.S.A. ICAO: “No unacceptable situation on the ground” Aerion complies with existing regulations Efficient below Mach 1 over US No boom at ~Mach 1.15 elsewhere Shock Wave Reflected Wave Evanescent Wave 5000 ft Ground HISAC Conference Sonic Boom: Different Approaches Low Boom Market appeal Increase weight in addition to fuel Regulation changes High Per as long as mance (No Boom) Maximize cruise efficiency Meet all current regulations Supersonic “boom cutoff” potential

HISAC Conference Supersonic Overl in addition to : NY-LA Mission TEB – LAX 41kt headwind G-V at M=0.85: 5:00 Aerion at M=0.98: 4:19 Aerion at M=1.10: 3:52 New York Los Angeles Design Overview HISAC Conference Configuration

HISAC Conference P&W JT8D-219 Engine Existing certified commercial engine MD-80 series aircraft Mature in addition to reliable Improvements to meet latest emission st in addition to ards Noise-compliant Fuel efficient Aerion low drag airframe is a unique fit as long as the JT8D HISAC Conference Major Systems ECS Avionics & Fly-By-Wire Flight Control Systems Fuel Tanks Fuel Tank Engines APU HISAC Conference Interior

Per as long as mance HISAC Conference Range High Speed Cruise Subsonic Cruise Boom Cutoff Cruise HISAC Conference Economics Operating Expense per NM, 550 hrs/yr Utilization Data from Business & Commercial Aviation 2006 Operations Planning Guide

HISAC Conference Conclusions Aerion SSBJ offers economics, operating characteristics in addition to flexibility on a par with subsonic aircraft Maximum efficiency sub- in addition to supersonic cruise results from NLF wing in addition to no compromise as long as low boom Compliance with existing regulations reduces program risk First to market HISAC Conference Conclusions Minimum SSBJ environmental impact : Lowest Environmental impact No Boom Overl in addition to Flight Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

Poellnitz, Brian WQPR-FM Operations Manager www.phwiki.com

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