Historical frameworks Ghazala Mir Impact of Faith Identity on the Healthcare in addition to Health of Pakistani Muslims



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Historical frameworks Ghazala Mir Impact of Faith Identity on the Healthcare in addition to Health of Pakistani Muslims

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Impact of Faith Identity on the Healthcare in addition to Health of Pakistani Muslims Ghazala Mir Centre in consideration of Research in Primary Care, University of Leeds Historical frameworks (1) The Enlightenment Separation of Church in addition to state Redefinition of religion as ?belief? Public truth related so that science Religious beliefs related so that private life Exclusion of religion from scientific inquiry (2) Orientalism Islamophobia in Europe Said (1995): imaginative, racist, anti-empirical accounts of Islam rather than factual, objective in addition to based on internal evidence. Used so that justify imperialism. Runnymede Trust (1997) CRE Survey (1998): Commission of British Muslims against Islamophobia (2004): racism related so that Muslim practices

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Health Inequalities in the UK Muslim communities Worst self-reported health of all religious groups Disadvantage in areas affecting health eg employment: highest unemployment education: lowest number of graduates housing: most overcrowding Religion in addition to Socio-economic position All people in the fieldwork area aged 16-74 Pakistani communities Diabetes 3-6 times more common, more likely so that suffer complications Coronary heart disease 2-3 times more common. Child mortality in consideration of women born in Pakistan double the national rate

Methods Ethnographic methodology Importance of context Taking account of other aspects of identity Managing ?regimes of truth? during analysis Semi-structured interviews, informal in addition to participant observation: patients, carers, health professionals, community groups, ?key informants?, media in addition to elists Participatory research methods Findings Religion as a personal resource Emotional distance in addition to framework in consideration of decision-making Framework in consideration of decision-making Undermined by policy stance on faith organisations In healthcare contexts avoided by patients in addition to practitioners alike Gap in knowledge filled by stereotypes particularly about women in addition to fatalism Religion in addition to Healthcare ? Fasting in addition to prayer do not concern the doctors? they don’t even know what it is? Diabetes patient ? when I think of a White patient sitting at home in addition to not getting out I think I can understand in addition to you know there’s some common ground there? in the Pakistani communities ? I start by having very little common ground, I’ve not been sitting at home in a Pakistani family so that understand what’s going on? Diabetes consultant

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Stereotypes: Muslim women ?I?ve only joined the practice in recent years in addition to I can?t claim that I know her in addition to her family background solidly, ?and alongside language difficulties I?ve not been able so that encourage her so that tell me what?s going on at home she?s coming in addition to just briefly telling me ?I?m tired doctor, I?m a bit depressed? you know in addition to when we go through it all, ?yeah well you?ve got loads of kids haven?t you in addition to you?ve got housework in addition to I understand your husband doesn?t help?.? General Practitioner Stereotypes: fatalism A: It seemed so that be his religious belief that he was happy so that let his life take its toll in addition to he wasn?t really interested in the intervention. Q: So was he taking medication? A: He was on medication but wouldn?t go on so that the insulin injections. Q: Oh right. Okay. So it wasn?t, I mean his belief wasn?t that you should just leave everything. A: No?. Again that?s across the board?. patients will take a tablet in consideration of anything, you know, in addition to we?re all a bit like that?.Well, if you think of it in personal terms, if somebody said so that me ?You?re going so that have injections in consideration of the rest of your life.? I mean, it?d take us a long time so that . adapt (Diabetes Nurse Specialist) Findings Corruption of the communication process affects diagnosis in addition to negotiation of treatment Pakistani people receive inadequate support in decision-making about chronic illness management in addition to are more likely so that develop complications.

The Determinants of Health Discrimination mirrored in almost all contexts education employment civic participation Self-perception of social position in addition to social relations (Marmot 2004): psychosocial capital as explanation in consideration of higher levels of mortality in addition to morbidity Implications Practice Policy Research in addition to activism Developing shared understanding in addition to common ground alongside Muslim perspectives Policy support in consideration of Muslims so that organise on the basis of faith identity.

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