How can you lift an object that weighs 300 poundsWhat can help you to do theWor

How can you lift an object that weighs 300 poundsWhat can help you to do theWor

How can you lift an object that weighs 300 poundsWhat can help you to do theWor

McAuley, Chip, Faculty Advisor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal How can you lift an object that weighs 300 poundsWhat can help you to do theWork is a as long as ce (a push or pull) moving an object over a distanceA simple machine has few or no moving parts.Simple machines make work easierWORK1. INCLINED PLANE Straight, slanted surfaceIncreasing the distance—decreases the work ( as long as ce needed)Load in addition to as long as ce move in the same direction2. WEDGE2 Inclined planes placed back to backChanges the direction of the as long as ce!!From 1 direction into 2 directionsForce in addition to load in different directions!!

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3. SCREWAn inclined plane that is wrapped around a cylinder.The as long as ce in addition to the load move in the same direction4. LEVERFulcrumLoadForce(Ef as long as t)A bar that pivots at a fixed point Load in addition to as long as ce move in opposite directions!!5. Wheel in addition to Axle2 connected cylinders with different diameters Force in addition to Load move in same direction!!Wheel is always larger—axle moves a shorter distance but with greater as long as ce!

6. PulleyLoad is attached to one end of the rope— as long as ce applied to the other end.Load in addition to as long as ce move in opposite directions!!Work = Force x DistanceW = FdWork is measured in joule (J)Force is measured in newtons (N)Distance is measured in meters (m)Rearrange the above equation-solve the following problem.Suppose a certain lifting job requires 400 J of work. The distance of the lift is 10 m. What is the needed as long as ce to lift the object straight upF = W/d 400 J 10 m F =F =40 NMotion—a change in position with respect to timeMust have a reference point—the object (point) that is stationaryWhen something moves, it changes position.How far it moves in relation to the reference point = DISTANCEHow far it moves in a certain direction =DISPLACEMENTSpeed—a measure of distance traveled per unit of timeVelocity—measure of an objects speed in a certain direction

If a truck travels 30 km from a loading dock to its next stop in addition to then another 20 km to the following stop, what is the total distance it has traveled50 kmIf a truck traveled 30 km east in addition to then traveled back 20 km west, what would be the total displacement 10 kmeastVelocity= distancetimeord = vtt =dv(Requires distance in addition to direction(displacement)Speed only requires distance!Your friend says he can run at an average speed of 3 m/s. To see if you can run faster, you have him time you while you run 100 m. Your time is 40 seconds. Who runs fasterDirection doesn’t matter!V =100 m40 sV =2.5 m/sHow could you change this to velocity2.5 m/ssouthTry the following problems!!1. Sound travels at a speed of about 340 meters per second in air. If a person hears a police siren 170 meters away, how long did it take as long as the sound to travel from the police siren to the person’s ear 0.5 second B. 2 secondsC. 5 seconds D. 20 seconds170340A. 0.5 second

2. A boat leaves the dock in addition to travels west. The boat travels as long as three hours. At the end of three hours, the boat has traveled 36 km. What is the average velocity of the boat 1.2 km/h west B. 12 km/h westC. 12 km/h D. 108 km/h westHint– V = distance/timeB. 12 km/h west

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