How Did Life Originate The Origin Of The Earth How Did Life Originate

How Did Life Originate The Origin Of The Earth How Did Life Originate

How Did Life Originate The Origin Of The Earth How Did Life Originate

Quinn, Brandt, Executive Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Summer 2006 Workshop in Biology in addition to Multimedia as long as High School Teachers How Did Life Originate By Kerri Coleman North Attleboro High School The Origin Of The Earth ~4.6 Billion years the earth was as long as med ~3.2 Billion years ago the introduction of Blue-green cyanobacteria Oxygen is produced Free oxygen begins to accumulate Ozone is synthesized Aerobic metabolism can begin Image courtesy of Federico Emiliani (Universidad Nacional del Litoral), Mark Schneegurt (Wichita State University), in addition to Cyanosite (

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How Did Life Originate Spontaneous Generation Chemical Synthesis “Primordial Soup” Panspermia Spontaneous Generation Organisms arose spontaneously from non-living matter Example: Maggots arose from rotting meat Disproved in 1668 by Francesco Redi, an Italian physician Used 3 samples of rotting flesh placed in flasks open to air sealed covered with gauze Maggots were generated in the open container, where flies had access to meat in addition to were able to lay their eggs Results of experiment were not conclusive enough as long as some people Louis Pasteur -1864 Experiment showed that life did not spontaneously appeared Meat broth was boiled in a flask to kill microorganisms The neck of the flask was heated in addition to bent into the shape of an S Microorganisms could not get into broth because they would settle in S shaped neck be as long as e contact with broth No growth was in discovered in the broth Broth was tilted into the S component in addition to microorganisms contaminated broth in addition to grew

“Some warm pond with all sorts of Ammonia, phosphoric salts, Heat, light, electricity etc ” -Charles Darwin, on the origins of life in tidal pools file Chemical Synthesis- “Primordial Soup” Dr. Stanley Miller in addition to Dr. Harold Urey-1953 ammonia (NH3) methane (CH4) water (H2O) hydrogen (H2) electricity in an elaborate flask apparatus Electricity was passed through the apparatus Amino Acids in addition to hydrocarbons were synthesized file The Formation of Glycine Glycine most abundant amino acids synthesized in Urey / Miller experiment Synthesis occurs in 2 steps CH2O + NH3+ HCN NH2CH2CN + H2O CH2O = as long as maldehyde NH3 = ammonia HCN = hydrogen cyanide NH2CH2CN= ammonitrile H2O = water NH2CH2CN + 2H2O NH2CH2COOH + NH3 NH2CH2COOH = glycine

Panspermia- “seeds everywhere” Life came from space on comets Hydrocarbons, amino acids, water(s) in addition to bacteria September 28, 1969 Murchison, Australia Meteorite shower fell Analysis determined it was carbon rich Organic compounds Many of the protein Amino Acids found in biological systems Image provided by NASA JPL Which Theory Do You Think Is Correct Discuss within each group The pros in addition to cons to each theory Make sure to use reliable sources on the web in addition to cite all pages What evidence is there to support or disclaim a theory For example: Fossil records Could there be another theory

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