How Do I Get a Higher Education Academy Fellowship What is an accredited CPD Framework Who is the CPD Framework as long as

How Do I Get a Higher Education Academy Fellowship What is an accredited CPD Framework Who is the CPD Framework as long as

How Do I Get a Higher Education Academy Fellowship What is an accredited CPD Framework Who is the CPD Framework as long as

Montgomery, Roberta, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal How Do I Get a Higher Education Academy FellowshipDr Sue ClaytonHead of CPD Teaching in addition to Learning Centre as long as the Enhancement of Learning in addition to Teaching (CELT)By the end of the session you will have: Understood the Aber-Bangor CPD Framework in addition to process of application; Become familiar with the UK Professional St in addition to ards Framework as long as Teaching in addition to Supporting Learning; Done some early diagnostics around which category of Fellowship you can evidence i.e. Fellow (FHEA); Senior Fellow (SFHEA) or Principal Fellow (PFHEA); Identified areas of practice which can be developed into case studies; Agree targets in addition to support as long as next steps in developing your application.

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What is an accredited CPD FrameworkApproved by the HEA to award HEA Fellowships internally.Means to a teaching qualifications aligned with the UK Professional St in addition to ards Framework as long as teaching in addition to the support of Learning UKPSFThe Higher Education Academy (HEA) has accredited Aber-Bangor as long as all 4 categories : Associate Fellow; Fellow; Senior Fellow; Principal Fellow (Descriptors 1-4)Why do we need accredited teachers Institutional in addition to personal confidence.To support staff in meeting student expectations in a rapidly changing H.E. environment;UK TQs measured in addition to published (HESA);Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) NUS strong support as long as teaching qualifications;National Student Survey/ League Tables; Also Raises the status of teaching Celebrates good teaching in addition to promotes professional st in addition to ards;Encourages the recognition in addition to reward of teaching at institutional level – promotion framework.Promotes the scholarship of learning in addition to teaching; Links to : NTFS, Bangor Teaching Fellowship Scheme; Student-Led Teaching Awards, HEA grant capture.

Who is the CPD Framework as long as Academic staff with teaching in addition to research rolesAcademic-related staff supporting students in learning environmentsManagerial roles managing in addition to leading teaching PGR StudentsElementsInduction: central in addition to College/School level;Mentors/Teaching AdvisorsProgramme Award Route: PgCert in H.E leading to Associate in addition to full Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (Stage 1 in addition to 2 below respectively) Individual Route: linked to CPD policy. Available as long as experienced staff via evidence-based claim to meet individually appropriate levels of the UKPSF.Welsh Medium pathways as long as all routes.Workshop Programme: supporting each pathwayJoint Aber-Bangor Assessment Panels as long as Individual Route to Fellowships at D1,D2,D3 in addition to D4. PGCertHE Programme Route Stage 1 UKPSF Associate Fellow HEAEntitlement all with teaching/support role Requirement new staff with a substantial teaching role in addition to fewer than 2 years prior teaching experience/no prior qualification.Stage 2 UKPSF Fellow HEAEntitlement all with a teaching in addition to research roleRequirement new academic staff with fewer than 2 years prior teaching experience / no prior qualification

CPD Individual Route to HEA FellowshipsThe application – to be set out on the prescribed pro- as long as ma- will comprise:Teaching context detailsTeaching philosophy statement Claim grid – narrative against the criteria. Peer Observation evidence (A/FHEA only) CPD Plan2 x disciplinary peer referencesLine manager sign off as long as mCELT CPD Prog 2015/16Celt websiteExample slides SFHEADr Cara Hughes

Use a good summary phrase in bold as long as eachevidence box to make it easy as long as the reviewers to get a quick overall impression of the range of examples you are using in the grid section of the application.Each evidence example may cover more of the criteria than you originally think. I reappraised my examples a few times in addition to often added in more dimensions after careful consideration. Don’t rush this process.Make it clear which of the examples you haveexp in addition to ed on as long as case studies.Extract from a case studyAt Senior Level you do need to demonstrateengagement with suitable pedagogical literature.Make it as clear as possible to the panelhow your evidence in addition to examples relate to thenecessary descriptors. Break up your philosophy of teaching in addition to case study textwith bracketed pointers to the descriptors you are evidencing.FHEA Application through the continued professional development routeTom Cornwell

Using previous experience to support your application- Previous industry experience.- Teaching on higher education courses at a further education college.- Ongoing peer observation.- Ongoing engagement with continued professional development.- Development of teaching practice using developing technologiesBe sure to evidenceWhere you write that you have “aimed” to develop content or to provide facilitative etc. ensure that you follow this with evidence of how you achieved your aims. Internationalising Higher Education Framework (HEA, 2014)

Cynllun Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus Continuing Professional Development Plan Dr Lynne Williams SHCS “Mae’r adran ganlynol yn dangos sut yr wyf wedi, ac yn parhau i gymryd rhan mewn datblygiad proffesiynol parhaus. Rwyf wedi defnyddio rhannau gweithgarwch PSF DU i fapio fy ngweithgareddau a datblygiad. O dan bob un o’r adrannau amlinellaf unrhyw fylchau posibl yn fy natblygiad cyfoes a chyflwynaf fy nghynllun gweithredu”Gweithgareddau a chyfleoedd DPP -enghreifftiau i ddangos:Rhaglenni wedi’u dilysu sy’n arwain at gymhwyster (A5, K1, V3, D4-5)Cynlluniodd penodol i weithgareddau nad ydynt wedi’u dilysu (A1-A5, K2, K3, K4, K5, V1, V2, D4-1, D4-2, D4-5)Cyfrifoldebau penodol o fewn rôl (A5, K1, K6, V1-V4, D4-1, D4-4, D4-3)Gweithdai a chefnogaeth ar gyfer ceisiadau llwybr unigol (A2, A3, A5, D4)“The following section demonstrates how I have, in addition to continue to engage in sustained continuous professional development. I have used the UK PSF areas of activity to map my activities in addition to development. Under each of the sections I outline any potential gaps in my current development in addition to present my action plan”CPD activities in addition to opportunities -examples to illustrate include:Validated programme leading to a qualification (A5, K1, V3, D4-5)Specific planned non-validated activities (A1 – A5,K2,K3,K4,K5,V1,V2,D4-1,D4-2,D4-5)Specific responsibilities within role (A5,K1, K6, V1-V4,D4-1,D4-4,D4-3)Workshops in addition to support as long as individual route applications (A2, A3, A5, D4)Dr Jonathan C. RobertsSFHEA applicationSchool of Computer ScienceNote. Highlights that worked as long as me!My backgroundHad completed PGCHE, Was already Fellow HEADirector of Teaching as long as Computer ScienceI like teaching methodologies!I Read booksKen Robinson’s “The Element”“finding your element often requires the aid in addition to guidance of others”. “Especially in Computer Science, while some ideas are evergreen, others have a half-life of 5 years, it is important to develop skills that last; knowledge that enables; in addition to philosophies that endure. This is ‘learner empowerment’J.C.Roberts

Getting the Teaching Philosophy rightThink about your own philosophyYou need to reflect And plan what you are going to write!Make a classification (I had 3 points)Thread this philosophy throughoutexplaining how your philosophy helps you achieve the Descriptor Goals.Cite the DescriptorsAreas of ActivityCore knowledgeMy teaching philosophy is as follows:I am committed to professionalism, excellence in addition to keen to deliver a good teaching experience. I want to develop the “culture of learning” with my colleagues in addition to with my studentsI am a reflective teacher in addition to knowledgeable about my subject, yet keen to learn more. My teaching is research-led, I enjoy learning about a subject to teach; I am a learner myself. I believe there is a symbiosis between teaching in addition to research: research inspires teaching, is required to know the latest ideas, in addition to teaching helps me to be a better researcher Focusing on the Case StudiesTreat it as a short ‘paper’Have subsections, e.g.,BackgroundMethodologyDevelopmentEvaluationReflectionPre-empt the outcomeE.g., “demonstrate successful coordination in addition to management” Include quotes, in addition to cite papers/booksAdd evidence (e.g., results, evaluations, papers published by you).Successful coordination in addition to management of others’ assessment strategies, through implementing a st in addition to ard template as long as all coursework assessments as long as the department.(1) Background & MethodologyAs Director of Teaching in addition to Learning (DTL) I am in a privileged in addition to responsible position; that enables me to monitor in addition to lead the teaching within the School. Etc.2) Raising the awareness of “feedback”I consulted students in addition to staff in as long as mally in addition to in the TLC (3) Developing the st in addition to ard assessment template First I researched other good practice; Second. I trialed this template across the school with volunteers. Third. At the TLC, asked every academic to use this template. (4) Reflecting on the guidelines, in addition to lessons learntI per as long as med a small questionnaire to students In replies each of the students are positive At least 4 BenefitsIt helps you reflect on your teachingGives you an excuse to improve in addition to learn! Read books in addition to do some researchBenefits Bangor (we have qualified staff!)Benefits your studentsThrough your reflections you may start to think about new ways of doing your teaching.

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Jonathan’s Lessons learntNeed a buddy Choose your right level You have to “want” to do it.It takes time.Take it seriously, in addition to plan it out like a research paper!Word cloud of Teaching PhilosophyYour enthusiasm (or lack of) will shine through your application!Be scientific about the process, cite sources, think about how someone will know you’ve done it!Diolch yn fawr Cwestiynau

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