How I Learned to Weed with Confidence A wider view of collection management Kath

How I Learned to Weed with Confidence A wider view of collection management Kath

How I Learned to Weed with Confidence A wider view of collection management Kath

Montgomery, Roberta, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal How I Learned to Weed with Confidence A wider view of collection management Katherine MarschallSaint Mary’s College Notre Dame, IndianaOVGTSL 2015Why I hate to weed- or who doesn’t The Case Against Weeding-New library building in 1982 – No more weeding! We are an academic library Can we actually make those decisions

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Really We will keep buying booksWe will not weedWe will not shift over the floorsHouston- we have a problem! 30 years later, space is at a premium.Old books are off putting Too many out of date titles mask inadequacies in the collection. Nursing, chemistry, in addition to biology are important departments- they all focus on current material!Past Methods- we tried: I don’t like this book, it looks old. Please come in addition to see what we would like to throw out

A Project with a planStarting with the reference collection:Weeding policyEvery ef as long as t will be made to insure that the collection is up-to-date in addition to germane to the courses offered. Materials as long as weeding or replacement will be evaluated in accordance with guidelines similar to those as long as selection in addition to done in consultation with the faculty in addition to librarians. CREW in addition to MUSTIECREW: Constant Review, Evaluation, WeedingWeeding is a part of collection development!CREW: A Weeding Manual as long as Modern Libraries. Texas State Library in addition to Archives Commission

CREW as part of the cycle of collection maintenance CREW: A Weeding Manual as long as Modern Libraries. Texas State Library in addition to Archives Commission MUSTIEM = Misleading U = UglyS = Superseded T = Trivial I = Irrelevant E = (available) ElsewhereYour ILS is your Friend! Pull circulation in as long as mationCreate spreadsheets: – Call number – Basic bib: title, author – Year of publication – Circulation in as long as mation – How many times – When was the last time it circulated

Where did the books goWorst case – recycling!We preferred – Better World Books Easy solution- Reference Circulation

But would this scale up as long as the general collection Lots of paper!Serendipity!PALNI/ALI Shared Print Project (Nov 2013)Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI) Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI)(ca. 34 libraries participating) “Assess usage, duplication, in addition to dispersion of holdings” “deselecting low-use, widely-held titles” i.e. WEED What was included:Print circulating monographs: juvenile materialsgovernment documents that are classifiedmusic scoresHoldings compared to:The 34 participant librariesAll Indiana librariesThe ‘big 3’- Indiana University, Notre Dame, PurdueAll of the libraries in the United StatesCreate a list of ‘Scarcely held’ titles

Sustainable Collections ServicesCollected data from the libraries- bibliographic data, location, call numbercirculation counts (in-house circ too if that was available)Last date circulatedCreated database “Green Glass” –which includes holdings in OCLC as long as Indiana, US wide, in addition to selected ‘research’ libraries List of ‘scarcely held’- separated outWhat is Scarcely HeldLeast restrictive:Unique to Indiana OR2. Fewer than 10 in US AND3. Not in HathiTrustMost restrictive: Held by fewer than 4 libraries in Indiana OR2. Held by fewer than 20 libraries in the US OR3. Not held by at least 1 of the ‘big 3’Sustainablecollections.com21


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New Juvenile Books section in addition to Folio shelvingMoving the Juvenile books from the floor with P-PS opened up that floor, in addition to which will be the hardest area to weed!

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