How much time per week that adolescents spend in cyberspace? PEOPLE SEARCH Portfolios in Middle School


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How much time per week that adolescents spend in cyberspace? PEOPLE SEARCH Portfolios in Middle School

City University of New York, Bernard M. Baruch College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Portfolios in Middle School One-Day Professional Development in consideration of Lincoln Middle School Susan Belgrad, Author in addition to Consultant The Portfolio Connection: Student Work Linked so that Standards, 3e Professor of Education California State University Northridge PEOPLE SEARCH FIND SOMEONE WHO . . . . Directions: Review the items listed in addition to prepare your response so that one or more. Greet your colleagues in addition to then offer them a response so that one of the items. Then sign your first name in the relevant box on their People Search page. When all boxes are filled on your page take your seat. ÿ How much time per week that adolescents spend in cyberspace? Answer: 52 Hours Today, 8-18 year-olds devote an average of 7 hours in addition to 38 minutes (7:38) so that using entertainment media across a typical day (more than 52 hours a week). ÿAnd because they spend so much of that time ?media multitasking’ (using more than one medium at a time), they actually manage so that pack a total of 10 hours in addition to 45 minutes (10:45) worth of media content into those 7« hours.? fiercewireless /press-releases/daily-media-use-among-children-and-teens-dramatically-five-years-ago#ixzz0iRwAQCTE

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Morning Agenda 8:00 Introductions in addition to Warm-Up (People Search) 8:30 Review of Plan in consideration of the Day 8:45 Overview of portfolio assessment in consideration of promoting middle school students? engagement in addition to motivation in the learning process; Parent involvement in student-led portfolio conferences 9:15 Team Activity on Portfolio Planning 1 in addition to 2 (role assignments in addition to move so that break-out rooms). 10:00 Break 10:15 Reconvene in Media Center in consideration of Plus + Minus ? Interesting ! Team Reports on Portfolio Planner I What?s one plus your team focused on? What?s one minus your team is concerned about? What?s an interesting outcome the team anticipates from student portfolios? 10:45 Overview of Portfolio Planning II The Nuts in addition to Bolts of the Portfolio Plan 11:30 Lunch Afternoon Agenda 1:00 Agree-Disagree Graphic Organizer in addition to Post-It Activity on Student Performance in addition to Motivation 1:30 Team Planning on Portfolio Planning Selecting Key Artifacts in consideration of Portfolios-(What; How; Who; When (move so that break-out rooms). 2:20 Reconvene in Media Center in consideration of Team Planning Report Team Reports on Portfolio Planner II in addition to III What?s one thing your team?s plan would do in consideration of student engagement? What?s one way your team plan would impact teaching in addition to need in consideration of resources? What?s one thing your team needs so that know before you want so that put your plan in action? 2:55 Concluding Remarks in addition to Workshop Evaluation 3:00 Adjourn What you will be able so that do: Describe an academic portfolio in addition to how its contents can provide an authentic picture of your students? achievement; Identify key aspects of portfolio assessment in addition to conferencing that fit alongside the Lincoln Middle School student outcomes in addition to learning dispositions you seek so that meet; Define the key elements of an effective portfolio plan that will place students at the center of assessment in addition to engage them, parents in addition to significant others in their progress in addition to goal setting; Assess an existing assignment or project plan that could become a significant portfolio artifact; Begin a portfolio action plan in consideration of your team that addresses purpose, audience, assessment tools, plan so that engage students, parents in addition to significant others; Recognize supports in addition to potential problems in consideration of your plan; Identify needs/resources in consideration of launching the portfolio plan in the future.

Team Planning Role Assignments In order so that assure productivity, individual contribution in addition to enjoyment of the day?s work on the portfolio planning process, please assign roles in your group as follows: Material Manager in addition to Reader: (The person who drives the farthest so that school each day). Responsible in consideration of distributing materials in addition to reading information from hand-outs, Lincoln Middle School documents in addition to samples of student work, Time Keeper in addition to Encourager: The person who is sitting so that the right of the Materials Manager who is responsible in consideration of helping team so that work within time allotted in addition to so that promote esprit du corps while energizing the team. Recorder: The person who is sitting so that the right of the Time Keeper who completes the planning sheet alongside team decisions about the portfolio plan. Checker: The person who is sitting so that the right of the Recorder who collects samples or worksheets brought by team members so that make sure all ideas have been considered. Engages the team in review of the plans sheets before team returns so that the Media Center so that join other teams. Reporter: The person who is sitting so that the right of the Checker who works alongside all team members so that make sure that the team?s report so that the whole group is well organized in addition to presented within the 3-minute time limit. Traveler: If there is a sixth team member this person is asked so that go so that the facilitator or other teams alongside questions or ideas so that share; or this person may be the ?getter? so that obtain materials the team may require. Determining Portfolio Purpose ÿ Academic (learning portfolio) When you want so that capture the process of learning over time in order so that demonstrate students? content in addition to process knowledge? ÿDevelopmental portfolios When you want so that demonstrate the continuing growth in addition to development of students as readers, writers, mathematical problem solvers, critical thinkers etc. over time?

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Standard portfolios When you want so that demonstrate clear in addition to compelling evidence of student achievement and/or proficiency as compared so that standards? Showcase of Significant Achievement When you want so that provide exemplars of student work and/or performances.

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