How so that Cope 9 Problem Personalities Discussion Session #62 Problem Personalities & How To Solve Them


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How so that Cope 9 Problem Personalities Discussion Session #62 Problem Personalities & How To Solve Them

Concordia University, Irvine, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Discussion Session #62 Problem Personalities & How To Solve Them How To Recognize & Manage Problem People in the Workplace in addition to Keep Them From Creating Roadblocks For Your Career 9 Problem Personalities 1. The Missing In Action 2. The Unethical 3. The Gossipers 4. The Egomaniacs 5. The Walking Wounded 6. The Detractors 7. The Non-productive 8. The Overemotional 9. The Boundary-less How so that Cope Listen Pause Try so that understand why the person is behaving the way they are Identify what needs they have that are not being met Try so that influence behavior rather than change personalities

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Managing Problem People Compliment, recognize, in addition to reward people who are doing it right Stay positive Be a role model Talk so that the person you have the problem alongside directly, don?t go over their head Take people where they are in addition to help them achieve their potential EVALUATION QUESTIONS a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Strongly Disagree e. Don?t Know I found the presentation material easy so that understand. 2. This discussion session increased my knowledge on the subject presented. 3. I will be able so that use some of the information from this discussion session in the future. 4. The presenter was well prepared in consideration of this session. 5. This presentation should be repeated in future semesters.

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