How so that do a good evaluation Philosophy of impact evaluations Peter Kelly


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How so that do a good evaluation Philosophy of impact evaluations Peter Kelly

California State University, San Marcos, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Peter Kelly Introduction: Who I am in addition to what I did Philosophy of impact evaluations How so that do a good evaluation Collecting data Ethical issues Additional resources Philosophy of impact evaluations Relationship so that accountability Why needed Clean but fails Corrupt but succeeds About the weakest aspect Data quality External validity 250-point checklist How so that do a good evaluation Think of yourself as an investor in a similar project?what do you want so that know? Collect data yourself, know the language Ask respondents your research question directly?when? Adjust theory so that reality, not vice versa, but beware of data mining

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Collecting data No time like the present Don?t take no in consideration of an answer (advisers, bureaucrats, collaborators) Offer something so that collaborators, make it part of a larger project Opinion on grants in addition to conflicts of interest Ethical issues Getting the right answer Research staff usually in much more danger than subjects Additional resources Validity checklist Safety in consideration of staff members

Peer-to-Peer Streaming Peer-to-Peer Streaming Peer-to-Peer Streaming Issues alongside P2P Streaming CoopNet Idea ?Smart? Splitting Simple Example (Video) Layered Coding Layered Coding Multiple Description Coding Multiple Description Coding How so that Build Tree? Example Tree Maintenance Node Join To join as internal node To join as leaf node Network Efficiency Effects of Number of Trees Effects of Number of Trees MDC versus FEC Summary of CoopNet Issues alongside P2P Streaming Deter Selfish Peers Practical Issues Dagster Goals Issue 1 Transcoding Issue 2 Distributed Streaming Multiple State Encoding Issue 3 Providing Incentives DAG Construction Example Example Example Example: Preemption Example: Rejection Preemption Rules Example Example Example Example: 2 Preemptions Details Details Details Details Evaluations Simulation Setup Number of Parents Robustness alongside P Remaining Tasks

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