How to use Student Voice Training Session Gary Ratcliff, AVC – Student Life Lear

How to use Student Voice Training Session Gary Ratcliff, AVC - Student Life Lear

How to use Student Voice Training Session Gary Ratcliff, AVC – Student Life Lear

Anglen, Robert, Investigative Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal How to use Student Voice Training Session Gary Ratcliff, AVC – Student Life Learning objectives Gain basic underst in addition to ing of assessment practices. Learn the resources in addition to services of StudentVoice. Learn different ways you can use StudentVoice. Learn how to get started on your first assessment project. Feel confident that you in addition to your staff can use StudentVoice easily. What is assessment Gathering in as long as mation about the functioning of students, staff, in addition to higher education institutions as long as the purpose improving the functioning of institutions in addition to its people. Alex in addition to er Astin Any ef as long as t to gather, analyze, in addition to interpret evidence that describes institutional or departmental effectiveness. John Schuh in addition to Lee Upcraft

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Types of Assessment Projects Track usage of services Determine needs in addition to preferences Measure satisfaction in addition to importance Measure perceptions of a physical environment Measure learning outcomes Includes gains in knowledge in addition to skills, changes in attitudes in addition to behaviors Measure effectiveness of workshops, programs, in addition to policies Develop per as long as mance metrics in addition to conduct benchmark studies Populations to Assess Students Staff/Administrators Faculty Employers Community members Alumni Other constituents What is StudentVoice Founded by as long as mer students. Provides tools to easily survey students, staff, in addition to other clients. Access to a StudentVoice Assessment Consultant. Access to an on-line higher education community that includes tutorials in addition to resources like sample surveys. Provides web-based technology as long as data collection, analysis, in addition to reporting.

Unlimited use of StudentVoice at no charge Student Voice consultants help you with: Helping you to define the goals in addition to objectives of your survey Formatting your questionnaire Email StudentVoice the questions in a Word file, they as long as mat the survey as long as you. Exposing you to best practices Assisting with you sampling your survey population Sending out invitations to complete your survey via email Giving you suggestions as long as enhancing response rates Everything connected with administering your survey Interpreting your results Helping you use StudentVoice’s tools to analyze your results Incorporating data into reports in addition to presentations Preparing your survey Administering your survey Analyzing the results Our StudentVoice Consultant is Annemieke Rice, (716) 652-9400, PDA data collection Student Affairs currently has ten loaner PDAs. PDAs work well as long as surveys with a limited set questions with a finite number of response options. Can’t use PDAs as long as questions with open-ended responses. To borrow, contact Catherine Nance,, administrative assistant to AVC Spriggs StudentVoice Survey Tools Online surveys Send email invitations to targeted population. Post link to survey on your website.

Potential venues to use PDAs as long as surveys Assess suggestions as long as improvements, needs, interests, satisfaction in addition to other topics at: Service counters Workshop venues Event venues Tour sites Spaces in facilities High-traffic student hangouts Getting started using PDAs Keep it simple at first. Try out a short survey with your department. It will show the staff how easy StudentVoice is easy to use. Synchronize the PDA to your computer Develop your list of questions Get on StudentVoice in addition to request your project Request a Project Submit your project at least five days be as long as e you plan to launch your survey Log into StudentVoice Click the “myStudentVoice” button Click “Request a Project” button

Project Page Enter project in as long as mation Name, start in addition to end date, project source Plan to use PDAs Plan to email survey Need help of StudentVoice consultant Project Page Submit your project. Upload your Word file with the survey questions Upload your Word or Excel file with your email list of recipients of the survey View in addition to analyze data using the StudentVoice reporting site Can view as tables or various graphic as long as mats Can organize results by demographic categories

Sharing findings Can export reports to Excel, Word, or PDF as long as mat On-Line Surveys Ideal as long as surveying large number of respondents Can include questions with open-ended responses StudentVoice will as long as mat your survey. Submit survey questions in addition to response options in a Word file. StudentVoice consultant can advise you on the wording of your questions in addition to response options For ideas on wording your survey questions, visit the Community pages of StudentVoice to look at other surveys On-Line Surveys Prepare email list of recipients or post link to your survey on your website. If you are using email notices to collect responses to your survey, SurveyVoice can send reminders at intervals designated by you. While you are collecting responses you can check the results of your survey at any point in time.

Helpful Resources on Student Voice Shared Projects – example assessment projects Resource Centers – department specific resources Wiki – easy access to assessment in as long as mation Forums – discussion boards Blogs – posts from assessment experts Shared projects Added features of StudentVoice Paper as long as ms Manually enter data into online as long as m or import data files from scanned as long as ms National studies Integrate data files from NSSE, CIRP,CORE, ACHA, in addition to other studies

New Student Orientation– collaboration w/ NODA Campus Recreation – collaboration w/ NIRSA Profile of Today’s College Student – collaboration w/ NASPA Student Leadership Development Parent Expectations in addition to Experiences Career Services Administer national benchmarking studies Summary of StudentVoice Benefits Unlimited projects Access to assessment resources Consultation from assessment experts 10 PDAs as long as onsite data collection Participation in benchmarking studies User documentation Remote training in addition to professional development workshops Invitation to annual member meeting Contact Catherine Nance,, to get your Student Voice log-in account

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