Huan T. Tran UC Berkeley POLARBEAR: Polarization of Background Radiation Huan T.

Huan T. Tran UC Berkeley POLARBEAR: Polarization of Background Radiation Huan T.

Huan T. Tran UC Berkeley POLARBEAR: Polarization of Background Radiation Huan T.

Clark, Carol, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Huan T. Tran UC Berkeley POLARBEAR: Polarization of Background Radiation Huan T. Tran University of Cali as long as nia at Berkeley Kam Arnold Daniel Flannigan Wlliam Holzapfel Jacob Howard Zigmund Kermish Adrian Lee P.I. Marius Lungu Mike Myers Roger O’Brient Erin Quealy Christian Reichardt Paul Richards Chase Shimmin Bryan Steinbach Huan Tran P.M. Oliver Zahn Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Julian Borrill Christopher Cantalupo Theodore Kisner Eric Linder Helmuth Spieler University of Colorado at Boulder Aubra Anthony Nils Halverson University of Cali as long as nia at San Diego David Boettger Brian Keating George Fuller Nathan Miller Hans Paar Ian Schanning Meir Shimon Imperial College Andrew Jaffe Daniel O’Dea Laboratoire Astroparticule & Cosmologie Josquin Errard Joseph Martino Radek Stompor KEK Masashi Hasumi Haruki Nishino Takayuki Tomaru McGill University Peter Hyl in addition to Matt Dobbs Cardiff University Peter Ade Carole Tucker POLARBEAR Collaboration Large Format Antenna-coupled TES bolometer arrays Frequency-Multiplexed Readout Monochromatic – switch focal planes as long as different frequencies Polarbear concept POLARBEAR Concept HWP Modulator stepped/continuous Low Spurious Polarization Optics Stringent Ground Shielding/monolithic primary Located in Chile as long as Sky Rotation Key designs as long as Systematic Control Test phase in Cali as long as nia- Cedar Flat Key Technologies as long as Sensitivity Eric Chauvin-General Dynamics (Vertex)

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POLARBEAR Telescope 4’ at 150 GHz: Constrain Lensing Large FOV: 2.4 deg Relatively compact Monolithic central primary Flat-telecentric focal plane Cold Lyot Stop 3.5m Clear aperture (2.5m active) Dragone-Gregorian Cold Reimaging Optics POLARBEAR mirrors Primary: RMS 53 micron Secondary: RMS 37 micron

POLARBEAR Receiver Three UHMWPE lenses Cold Lyot Stop Telcentric Focal Plane Cold Reimaging Optics Cryomech Pulse-tube cooler Simon-Chase ‘He10’ refrigerator now demonstrated with APEX/SPT Cryogenics 2m Rotating HWP Skyward of lenses Field Stop POLARBEAR Array 7 Hexagonal wafers in Chile 2 Wafers at Cedar Flat 637 Pixels/1274 bolometers @ 150 GHz Si Lenslet Si Wafer Pixel pair Antenna Filter Bolometer Polarization Purity Receiver Spectrum POLARBEAR Detector per as long as mance Beam map E-Plane

POLARBEAR DfMUX Readout capacitors inductors Bolometer wafer FPGA-based Oscillator-Demodulators NIST squids POLARBEAR HWP rotation mechanism 28cm Drive Idler Pawl Designed as long as both continuous in addition to stepped rotation Ball bearing Belt driven / stepper motor Optical encoder readout ~Arcsec repeatability (stepped) Single plate Sapphire (not shown) AR coated with TMM ~70K Tooth POLARBEAR Groundshielding Goal: Ground must be suppressed by ~109 Cylindrically symmetric Curved panels Extra tall to shield mountains

Systematic errors Atmosphere Ground/sidelobes Polarization Calibration Beam Distortions Foregrounds B in addition to mismatch Telescope flexure Ghost reflections Beam Measurement Scan Strategy Small beam size HWP HWPSS Array Temp stability Scan Strategy Scan in AZ, fixed EL ~ 1 hour Re-center scan each hour Choose centers as long as uni as long as mity Choose HWP stepping scheme Maps ground pickup template each hour Scan Strategy: optimizing polarization uni as long as mity Sky rotation gives some uni as long as mity Continuous HWP is ideal-> null many effects Can choose steps wisely f1 : Measure of quad-pole non-uni as long as mity polarization coverage f2 : dipole in addition to oct-pole non-uni as long as mity Step HWP 3 times, once per day

Diff Gain Diff FWHM Diff Pointing Diff Ellipticity Diff Rotation POLARBEAR Parameter Tolerances Instrumental leakage Suppression due to modulation Beam effect Suppression Differential gain Diff Rotation Suppression w/ stepped HWP Suppression With sky rot Diff Beam Width Diff Ellipticity small beams => Peak in leakage at high-l Diff Pointing lensing Beam constrained 10-3 Foregrounds in addition to Scan Regions Scan is targeted at low dust contrast regions as low as ~2uK intensity 150,220 GHz b in addition to s Patches chosen to match QUIET

POLARBEAR Per as long as mance Red error bars: Includes noise increase from subtracting 220 GHz to remove mid lat dust Experiment Summary Polarbear concept POLARBEAR Deployment Testing phase at Cedar Flat Telescope assembly underway First light in months Test stepped vs continuous HWP Test as long as atmospheric removal

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