Huddersfield University 21 May 2015 SUSTAINABLE AVIATION or HOW AIR TRANSPORT HA

Huddersfield University 21 May 2015 SUSTAINABLE AVIATION or HOW AIR TRANSPORT HA

Huddersfield University 21 May 2015 SUSTAINABLE AVIATION or HOW AIR TRANSPORT HA

Perry, Joel, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Huddersfield University 21 May 2015 SUSTAINABLE AVIATION or HOW AIR TRANSPORT HAS CHANGED OUR WORLD FOR GOOD AND BAD How Air Transport Has Changed Our Manchester 1900 The Industrial Capital of the World Manchester 1950 End of the Industrial Age

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Manchester 2014 Post Industrial Knowledge Economy Air Transport 1900, 1950, 2000, 2014 Headline Statistics ( 8.7 million direct employment 50 million aviation related tourism 0.5% world trade shipments (35% by value) 1400 airlines 25000 aircraft 4000 airports Friday, 24 January 2014

Direct Jobs Indirect Jobs Jobs that support the aviation industry such as: Catering Engineering Airport hotels Taxi firms 2 x Direct Jobs Induced Jobs The airport attracts businesses to locate in a region. Aviation supports development of an industry (tourism).

Global Trade / Business Establishing in addition to maintaining business links Global sourcing of skills Global Sourcing of Goods Travel as long as Personal Fulfilment

International Tourism Accessibility – Some Economies Highly Reliant Upon Aviation Education in addition to Research Economic value Student experience Global Citizenship Speed of scientific development MMU – 16% of CO2 international students

The Multicultural Society Global Cultural Events Could not exist in current as long as m without air transport. Significant socio-economic benefits as long as host in addition to wider. But what are the climate costs Aviation’s Impact upon the Development of Humankind Global economy Global society. International Political Alliances

Aviation, City in addition to Regional Development Important to regional competitiveness. Key role in knowledge capital Access to Global economy Support multicultural society In the Global economy of the 21st Century, a World class region needs world class air routes. Manchester Global Connectivity Air Travel is Very Attractive to the General Public!

But is this Sustainable in a Low Carbon World Sustainable Development Challenge The social in addition to economic benefits of air transport are significant. BUT the social in addition to environmental costs of air transport are significant also. The costs are now threatening the growth of the industry at both a local in addition to global level This puts at risk the role that air transport will play in the Global society of 50 years time. Friday, 24 January 2014 Sustainable Development Development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. THE BRUNDTLAND REPORT

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A Sustainable Society is one in which Consumption of resources slower than the Earth can produce them (peak oil). Production of wastes is slower than the Earth can ‘absorb’ them (climate change). Physical degradation is minimised. in addition to that Human needs are met worldwide (millions affected by noise). The Problem is Growth The rate of growth is outstripping the rate of technological development in addition to operational improvement with the result that key environmental impacts are likely to grow . This trend is unsustainable in the longer term. Sustainable Development Compensating as long as Growth

Airport Capacity Constraints The capacity of an airport is measured by its infrastructure – runways, terminals, aprons; Environmental issues can restrict current operations or future growth in addition to prevent full use of infrastructure. Most European airports have environmental constraints. Environment constrains airports when Climate Change

Should we Stop Flying in addition to go Back to Blackpool as long as our Holidays

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