Immunization Action Coalition of the Inl in addition to Northwest Local Updates in Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Spokane Measles 2015 Pertussis Flu 2014-15

Immunization Action Coalition of the Inl in addition to Northwest Local Updates in Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Spokane Measles 2015 Pertussis Flu 2014-15

Immunization Action Coalition of the Inl in addition to Northwest Local Updates in Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Spokane Measles 2015 Pertussis Flu 2014-15

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OverviewMeasles: An Update in addition to Lessons LearnedPertussis: Statewide Increase in CasesFlu Season 2014-15Opportunities as long as Verifying Staff ImmunitySpokane Measles 2015An update in addition to lessons learnedSpokane Measles: An OverviewApril 21: first case of measles confirmed in an unvaccinated adultSeveral public exposures prior to measles being suspected: athletic center, restaurant, in addition to healthcare settings (three visits)301 known exposures not including healthcare workers~50 with unknown immune status did not respond~30 known susceptible, some actively monitored (including 6 infants)Three infants were eligible to receive IGIM

Spokane Measles: An OverviewApril 29: second case confirmed in an unvaccinated adult, close contact of the first caseFewer public exposures: restaurant in addition to grocery storeTesting as long as this case did not involve healthcare exposure55 known exposures (primarily staff)~5 known susceptible, some actively monitored (including 3 infants)Three infants were eligible to receive IGIMWhere did it come fromSRHD ResponseDetermining exposuresVerifying immunityActive monitoringProvider alertsResponding to provider in addition to public concerns, mediaAssisting with ruling out suspect measles casesCoordinating titer clinicsPromoting vaccinationPartnerships with PAML, Poison Control in addition to 211

SRHD ResponseCost:Total cost: $75,326 (includes 1,033 staff hours)Medical Reserve Corps volunteers: 75.5 hoursPartners: PAML, Quest, 211, Poison Control Center, Washington Department of Health, mediaBusinesses impacted: Qdoba, Subway, North Park Racquet in addition to Athletic Club, Franklin Park Urgent Care, Providence Holy Family Hospital, Madeleine’s Café, WinCo FoodsSpokane Measles: The EndLessons learned:Acquiring IGIMVaccine reactionsHealthcare worker staff immunity (more later)Managing misin as long as mation via social mediaPertussisStatewide increase in cases

Pertussis: Increase in CasesBackgroundHighest incidence occurred in 1934, rate of 162/100,000By the late 1970s, only 1,000 cases per year nationwideStatewide epidemic in 2012, rate of 73/100,000Highest incidence in infants (428/100,000)Elevated in 13 in addition to 14 year olds (rates of 342 in addition to 336)Nearly 80% of adolescent cases were up to datePertussis: Increase in CasesCurrent situation617 cases reported in the first 20 weeks of 2015 (compared to 121 during 2014)Majority of cases (>70%) among school-aged children in addition to teensSpokane has had 10 confirmed cases, overall rate 2.1/100,000Highest rates in Walla Walla (53.7), Jefferson (61.4), Kitsap (37.9), Pacific (36.2), in addition to Clark (34.0)Overall rate is 9.2/100,000; infant rate 38.434 infants reported thus far, 8 hospitalized (75% of hospitalized were 3 months of age or younger)Pertussis by County

Pertussis: Increase in CasesTdap effectivenessDOH in addition to CDC examined vaccine effectiveness (VE) in addition to duration of protection in adolescents during 2012 outbreak84% of cases in addition to 90% of controls vaccinated at 11-12 yearsOverall VE was 64%VE was 73% as long as post-vaccination less than 12 months55% as long as 12-23 months34% as long as 24-47 monthsFlu 2014-15Still goingInfluenza 2014-15: Still going

Influenza 2014-15: Still goingInfluenza 2014-15: Still going2014-15: 402 hospitalizations, 17 deaths (state – 150 deaths)2013-14: 183 hospitalizations, 8 deaths (state – 79 deaths)2012-13: 152 hospitalizations, 2 deaths (state – 54 deaths)2011-12: 118 hospitalizations, 3 deaths (state – 11 deaths)Verifying STAFF immunityOpportunities in addition to Challenges

Healthcare Worker ImmunityVaccination programs are an essential part of infection prevention in addition to control as long as healthcare workersSafeguards workers from infection, protects patientsFacilities are encouraged to as long as mulate comprehensive vaccination policy as long as all healthcare workersReviewed at time of hire in addition to on a regular basisDiseases as long as which vaccination is recommended:Hepatitis BInfluenzaMeasles / Mumps / RubellaMumpsPertussisVaricellaAnna Halloranahalloran@srhd.org509-324-1655Pharmacy Pilot ProjectKristina CraneProvider Outreach Manager , Scientific Technologies Corporation

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WSU College of PharmacyColleen Terriff, Pharm.D. Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacotherapy Department Operation ImmunizationJames Robeson, Doctor of Pharmacy C in addition to idate 2017APhA-ASP Operation Immunization Co-ChairPharmacy Partnership VisionPharmacists as immunization partners; pharmacists as immunization advocatesPharmacies as a gold st in addition to ard as long as alternative vaccine delivery sites as long as adolescents in addition to adults, especially in rural areasPharmacists can vaccinate underserved populations during community eventsPharmacies as key locations as long as school-required vaccinations; also promotion of ACIP-recommended vaccines, including HPV in addition to meningococcal vaccinesPotentially key locations as long as “immunization blitz” events to help students become compliant with state school immunization lawsPharmacies can help meet immunization dem in addition to s, especially in times of outbreaks or epidemicsPharmacies can help make the statewide immunization registry more robustPharmacies can help exp in addition to access to immunizations through VFC program

Dialogue & Key QuestionsWhat are the successes in addition to challenges of vaccine delivery in a retail pharmacy environment What are your immunization program protocolsWhat are your goals in addition to strategies to exp in addition to access to immunizationsBarriers (third party reimbursement/employer/consumer buy-in/competition)When did your immunization program beginWhat types of staff training are required Suggested DesiredOn which populations do you focus What kind of volume do you experience What kind of patient vaccine education do you provideTHANK YOU !!!! Next meeting: September 2015

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