Implementing the National 4-H Mission M in addition to ates National 4-H Mission M in addition to ates Science 4-H’s Response to This Need

Implementing the National 4-H Mission M in addition to ates National 4-H Mission M in addition to ates 	 Science 4-H’s Response to This Need

Implementing the National 4-H Mission M in addition to ates National 4-H Mission M in addition to ates Science 4-H’s Response to This Need

Sprei, Aldona, General Manager has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Implementing the National 4-H Mission M in addition to ates4-H Lunch ‘n LearnTuesday, February 15, 2011Carl Broady, Natalie Carroll, Steve McKinleyNational 4-H Mission M in addition to ates 4-H Science Healthy Lifestyles Citizenship One Million New Scientists. One Million New Ideas.™Only 18 percent of US high school seniors are proficient in science (NAEP 2005). 5% of current US college graduates earn science, engineering, or technology degrees compared to 66% in Japan in addition to 59% in China.America faces a crisis in its ability to keep up with increasing dem in addition to as long as professionals trained in these fields. Science

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4-H National Youth Science Day, 4-H2OBiofuels Blast2011: Renewable Energy TechnologiesExisting 4-H Project Manuals in addition to Workshops 4-H’s Response to This Need4-H Science Resources 4-H Activity ManualsLivestock Plant Sciences Natural Resources (Indiana Academic Proficiencies, in addition to ards/) Sample Science Activities

Sample Science Activity4-H Science Resources Other:Genomics lesson plans, (see “For Educators”)Biocontrol of Purple Loosestrife, Proper Disposal of Unwanted Meds, Water Riches Why Leaves Change Colors Benefits of TreesEnergy Activities – coming soon free copies available, contact NC

4-H Science Resources Other:2009 Indiana 4-H Congress lesson plans Science is FunBiofuels BlastTools of the TradeSoy Sensation4-H SET (Specialize. Exercise. Trans as long as m.)2010 4-H Youth Staff RetreatSETting up Camp with Active Learning ( Science Sensations, Gibson CountyConnected science classroom lessons to real life situations to enhance science education as long as students.423 7th grade students participated in a one day event focusing on h in addition to s-on science at Camp Carson.93.5% of students stated they now enjoy learning about science.79.8% reported the experience will help them in school.Science Sensations, Gibson CountyStudent comments included, “It was a great day to learn about the world around me,” in addition to “I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time learning.”Partners included Purdue Extension Educators, Master Gardeners, Tenbarge Seed, in addition to SWAT Pest.Funding was provided by Toyota Motor Manufacturing.Program is serving as a model as long as other programs in the state. Two Saturday Science Sensation days will be held April 9 & 16 at SIPAC in addition to SWPAC as long as teams of M.S. & H.S. youth in addition to adult.For more in as long as mation, contact Cathy Boerste,

Indiana 4-H Science TeamCreating vision/support as long as the 4-H Science Mission M in addition to ate in IndianaSteering Committee Members include: Shelly Bingle-Coffman, Colleen Brady, Neil Knobloch, Kathleen KochProvide leadership in each geographic Extension area to promote professional development as long as Educators in addition to Volunteers at the local level. One Extension Educator per area has been identified to further this initiative.Indiana 4-H Science TeamResources provided on the U: drive from National 4-H Council include:4-H Science Logic ModelCore Competencies4-H Science Competency Self-Assessment4-H Scientist-Volunteer ModelHave specific areas of expertise to share with youthInterested in targeted volunteer opportunitiesMay not have strong youth development backgroundsRecruitment strategies likely will be different from those as long as identifying community club volunteer leaders4-H is committed to the physical, mental in addition to emotional health of our nation’s youth so they may lead healthy in addition to productive lives into adulthood.By 2014, 4-H will exp in addition to participation to 2.75M youth involved in healthy living opportunities.Healthy Living includes eating habits, physical fitness, capacity to recognize in addition to direct emotions, in addition to development of positive social interactions in addition to relationships. 15 Healthy Living

Healthy Living Resources (2010 4-H Youth Staff Retreat)Healthy Living 4-H Mission M in addition to ate4-H Healthy Living Resource GuideHealthy Living OverviewHealthy Living Logic Model OverallHealthy Living Logic Model ChartBoone County 60 ChallengeExercise Dice SheetFirst AidNoise Hazards200 Family Eating ChoicesBarriers Physical Health4-H Health Curriculum: First Aid in Action, Staying Healthy, Keeping Fit4-H Club MeetingsHealth & Safety Officer reportsRecreation (e.g., Exercise Dice, Relays, Dodge Ball, Tag)Special activities (e.g., Walking Challenge in Vermillion County; Boone County 60 Challenge)Additional health-related resources available through the Purdue Education Store (click on Health & Safety): Social/Mental/Emotional Health4-H Personality CurriculumOpportunities to better underst in addition to self, strengths, in addition to interests4-H Club MeetingsMixers/Ice Breakers/RecreationOpportunities to interact with peers in addition to overcome initial anxiety of meeting people; stress reduction/management activitiesMeets the “Belonging” concept of the Essential Elements

Financial HealthCaptain Cash Curriculum (upper elementary students) “Reading Makes Cents” 4-H Financial Literacy Curriculum as long as 3rd-5th grade students: Financial Tips as long as 4-H Club Treasurers (provided by Area V Economic/Financial Committee – see Dave Schenck e-mail); file posted on the U: drive4-H places an emphasis on the importance of young people being engaged, well-in as long as med citizens. By connecting to their communities in addition to leaders, youth underst in addition to their role in civic affairs in addition to are able to exp in addition to their role in decision-making processes. Civic engagement provides the foundation that helps youth underst in addition to the big picture of life in addition to learn the skill sets that will allow them to become wise leaders as long as the 21st century. Citizenship 204-H Citizenship ResourcesLeadership in addition to Personal DevelopmentJr. Leaders – December, 2010 Lunch ‘n Learn (; Jr. Leader Advisor Resource Guide (4-H 916)Youth Leadership Academies – opportunities as long as youth to gain leadership skills through programming, service on adult boards, service-learning, etc.Leadership Curriculum – “Step Up To Leadership” ( – Relationship Building, Communication, Planning & Organizing, Group Process

4-H Citizenship Resources2008 4-H Congress Leadership lessons, Where Do I Even StartSimplicity is in!Exploring the Leadership Activity Manuals,What a Successful Youth Committee Looks Like!What Do I Have to Offer4-H Citizenship ResourcesCommunity ActionMonsanto 4-H Community Service Funding -$750 as long as local service project, matched dollar- as long as -dollar with local resourcesCommunity Service Checklist in addition to presentation, community 2010 4-H Congress Community Service lesson plans, is ServiceMoving from Service to Service-LearningFunding Your Community Service Project4-H Citizenship ResourcesVolunteerIN 2010 “Generosity” lesson plans, New Ideas as long as GenerosityPlanning in addition to Carrying Out a Service ProjectService-LearningGenerosityDeciding What to Give

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4-H Citizenship ResourcesCommunication in addition to Expressive ArtsPublic Speaking & Demonstration ContestsShare-the-Fun Contests4-H Photography Curriculum ( 2007 4-H Congress Communication lessons, of CommunicationListeningPublic SpeakingTechnology in CommunicationConflict Resolution What is your 4-H Program already doing that relates to the National 4-H Mission M in addition to atesQuestions

Next 4-H Lunch ‘n LearnTuesday, March 8, 2011, 12-1 (ET)4-H Policies & Procedures

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