Important ABL90 FLEX Overview Inlet Mode

Important ABL90 FLEX Overview Inlet Mode

Important ABL90 FLEX Overview Inlet Mode

Brooks, Lynn, News Director; Anchor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal POCT: Radiometer ABL90 FLEXObjectivesAfter completion of this course the learner will be able :Identify the ABL90 FLEX components in addition to their functionsDemonstrate how to replace a sensor cassette in addition to solution packDemonstrate how to check internal QC in addition to Calibrations in addition to troubleshoot errorsDemonstrate how to run External Ampoule based QCState the steps of a proper capillary puncture Demonstrate how to run a patientVerbalize how to troubleshoot analyzer errorsExplain the necessary components as long as maintaining competency in addition to the role of the POCT office in oversightImportant A provider order or documented protocol is required PRIOR to per as long as ming any POCT testing.

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ABL90 FLEX OverviewPrinter in addition to h in addition to leColor touch screenIntegrated barcode readerSelf-cleaning inlet aspirates the sample in 5 secondsSensor cassette compartment behind the doorSolution pack with waste pouch, reagents in addition to QC. The QC is built-in in addition to automatic as long as accuracy in addition to full regulatory compliance.Fully operational on battery in addition to optional rolling st in addition to as long as added flexibilityInlet Mode1-Capillary or syringe modes2-H in addition to le shown lifted to syringe mode3-Holder with inlet gasket as long as sample aspiration (syringe or capillary)4-Inlet h in addition to le position LEDsABL90 FLEX Rear Panel St in addition to by buttonLatch as long as manual release ofthe solution packMain power switch

ABL90 FLEX ConsumablesTwo consumablesSensor Cassette (SC)Solution Pack (SP)Storage of ConsumablesSensor Cassette (SC) : Refrigerate at 2 – 8 CSolution Pack(SP) : 2 – 25 CSensor CassetteReference sensor. Do not shake the sensor cassette! There is no need to mix the solution in the reference sensor.Smart chip containing various in as long as mation, no further scanning of product barcodes necessary Board with sensors. Hemoglobin in addition to bilirubin are measured by the oximetry module built into the analyzer.Sensor Cassette (SC)Changing Sensor Cassette (SC)Enter Analyzer StatusConsumablesReplaceReplace sensor cassetteStarting the video will open door to Sensor compartmentRemove cassette, press Action Completed.NOTE: The analyzer needs to condition a new SC after it is installed. This process can take up to 4 hours.

ABL90 FLEX Solution PackThe red plastic strip prevents the connection pins from opening the pouches.The analyzer detects if the internal foil strip registers a current (occurs if solution has leaked).The label contains all relevant SP in as long as mationFlow selectorMemory chipThe chip stores lot number, expiration date, solutions calibration in addition to QC data. The analyzer writes the usage status in addition to time onboard to the chip If the SP is placed on another analyzer, all in as long as mation is read from the chip.Contains pouches with QC in addition to calibration material, a gas mixture in addition to closed containers to hold liquid wasteInside of ABL90 FLEX Solution PackBACKFRONTActivating New Solution PackPull red pin out of the new solution packPlace palms of h in addition to s over the edges of the lid as shownBoth tabs must click into place foe the solution pack to be activated correctly

ABL90 FLEX Solution PackBe as long as e inserting the solution pack the airtight foil pouches must be opened in addition to connected with the flow selector in the topWhen the top is pressed down in addition to completely horizontal the solution pack fits to the analyzer Unused solution packSolution pack ready as long as analyzerChanging The Solution PackEnter Analyzer StatusConsumablesReplaceReplace Solution PackLift inlet to capillary position in addition to wait as long as the solution pack to unlockRemove used solution packInsert new activated solution pack by pushing in firmly until a click is heardWhen prompted by analyzer, close the inlet.Credit as long as ConsumablesIf it is necessary to remove the sensor cassette or solution pack be as long as e it is empty or expired due to QC or Calibration failure print Appendix A: Consumable Credit as long as m found in the POCTM031 Radiometer ABL90 FLEX Analyzer procedure.Print Status Error

Credit as long as ConsumablesAttach printout, complete as long as m in addition to fax or email to support@radiometeramerica.comAnalyzer StatusCheck the top left corner of the screen to ensure READY modeThe analyzer will always tell you what it is doingCalibrationQC MeasurementGreen light at the sample port-ReadyOrange light – Not readyAnalyzer StatusThe analyzer is READY when three (3) conditions are present:The analyzer is in the Ready modeThe color of the parameter tab is green or yellowThe color of the traffic light in the Analyzer Status button is green or yellowThe Parameter bar lists all parameters available in addition to activated on your analyzer. A green tab means the status is ok in addition to no problems have been detected. A yellow tab means there is an error associated with the given parameter during the last calibration or QC measurement. You will not receive a result as long as that parameter. A red tab is a serious errorParameter bar

Analyzer Main ScreenSensor cassette icon shows 9893 test remainingSolution pack icon shows 24 tests remaining Data Logs contain Patient Results, Calibrations, QC in addition to replacements Analyzer Status-the color of the traffic light on the button shows the overall status of the analyzer.Analyzer status elementsThe Analyzer Status button (traffic light) when clicked will open up to this screen so you can access detailed in as long as mation.Recommended ActionsCalibrationsQuality ControlConsumablesOther ActivitiesSystem MessagesCalibrationsThe green check () means the calibration was acceptedA red question mark () means there were errors during calibrationA clock means there are pending or overdue calibrationsTo start a calibration highlight calibration type in addition to then press CalibrationTo view calibration results press Result

Calibrations with ErrorsNotice the yellow traffic lightWhen the traffic light is clicked it opens this screen. You can see there is a problem with a calibration, QC in addition to consumables.tHb is overdue in addition to the red question mark means there was an error during calibrationClick Result tab to see next screenTroubleshooting Calibration ErrorsThe calibration results are shown here. In this example lactate shows an error.For more in as long as mation press MessagesTroubleshooting Calibration ErrorsThis is the message shown as long as lactate.Press Troubleshoot as long as more in as long as mation

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Troubleshooting Calibration ErrorsThe troubleshooting guide will give you an interpretation of the error in addition to actions to take to correct the problem.Logging OnLog on using your JHED IDQCBuilt-in QC is run every 8 hours (one of each level)External QC is run after any major system maintenance including sensor in addition to /or solution cartridges, after software upgrades in addition to at least every 30 days.Room temperature QC ampoules are shaken vigorously as long as 15 seconds in addition to tapped so that all solution collects at bottom.Use ampoule opener to break off ampoule neck.Place in Qualicheck adapter, lift inlet to syringe position in addition to select Ampoule-QC.

QC-continuedPlace adapter tip against inlet gasket with “R” facing upWhen prompted by analyzer, remove adapter in addition to close inlet.QC StatusThe status as long as the both the built-in QC in addition to the Ampoule-based QC is shownA green check () means the last measurement was acceptedA red question () mark means there was an error in the last calibration or an analyzer error during the QC measurementTo repeat a built-in QC highlight the level to be run in addition to then press Start QCObtaining a Capillary Blood SampleUse two patient identifiers to match orders to patientFor heal sticks, warm skin in area of puncture 5-10 minutesWash h in addition to s in addition to put on glovesThoroughly cleanse area with alcohol pad in addition to let dryUsing a sterile lancet , puncture skin about 2mm deepWipe off first drop of blood with gauzeCollect the next drops in a heparinized capillary tube, holding it in a horizontal position, slightly downward keeping air from entering tubeFill tube in addition to mixAnalyze immediatley

POCT Office ResponsibilitiesThe Point-of Care Testing (POCT) office is responsible as long as regulatory oversight in addition to quality management of the test systemPOCT duties include:Ensuring the test system meets federal in addition to state laws as well as the guidelines from accrediting agencies.Validation of new metersTraining trainers in addition to assisting them in training in addition to maintaining competency of operatorsReviewing analyzer in addition to operator per as long as mance through proficiency testing in addition to QC recordsEnsuring that the testing meets the needs of the care providersLaboratory InspectionsThe Laboratory is subject to an unannounced inspection every two years by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). State inspections or “ as long as cause” inspections could happen at any time.As a POCT testing site, you are part of the laboratory in addition to are subject to inspection as well. The POCT office is charged with the responsibility to be in the state of constant inspection-readiness.As a POCT operator, you could be queried or observed by an inspector. Maintaining your competency in addition to reviewing your resources is the best way to be ready in addition to the best way to per as long as m quality testing!ResourcesYou can find the ABL90 Point of Care procedure on Hopkins Policies Online: POCTM031 Radiometer ABL90 FLEX AnalyzerOr on the POCT website: Office phone 5-2645, office hours M-F 7:00AM – 3:30PMOff hours page the POCT Office at “POCT Consult”

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