In as long as mation flow inside the computerIT skills: noneIT concepts: computer compone

In as long as mation flow inside the computerIT skills: noneIT concepts: computer compone

In as long as mation flow inside the computerIT skills: noneIT concepts: computer compone

Mackey, Aaron, Higher Education Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal In as long as mation flow inside the computerIT skills: noneIT concepts: computer components (input devices, output devices, memory, storage in addition to CPU), program file vs. data file, bootstrap, multitaking, virtualizationThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Where does this topic fitInternet conceptsApplicationsTechnologyImplicationsInternet skillsApplication developmentContent creationUser skillsWhat happens inside the computer when youturn the computer onwrite a word processing documentprint in addition to save the documentturn the computer off

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Computer componentsPower is offWPdoc1WPprogOperating systemPower on – copy OS to memory (bootstrap)Operating systemWPdoc1WPprogOperating system

OS displays the login screenOperating systemKeyboard,MouseDisplayWPdoc1WPprogOperating systemAfter login, the OS displays the desktopOperating systemDisplayWPdoc1WPprogOperating systemStarting a word processing program

Copy word processing program into memoryWPProgClick the mouse12Operating systemDisplayWPdoc1WPprogOperating systemWP program displays a blank documentWPProgOperating systemDisplayWPdoc1WPprogOperating systemEnter in addition to display the documentWPProgNew WP Doc DisplayKeyboardMouseOperating systemWPdoc1WPprogOperating system

Print the documentWPProgPrinterMouseOperating systemWPdoc1WPprogOperating systemNew WP Doc Save the documentOperating systemWPProgMouseDisplayNew WP Doc WPdoc1WPprogOperating systemNew WP Doc Turn power offWPdoc1WPprogOperating systemNew WP Doc

Operating system (master control program)ProgramDataWhat is in memoryProgramDataDataDataDataDataDataDataProgDoc Operating system 2 ProgDoc Operating system 3 ProgDoc Operating system 1 VirtualizationWindows in addition to Mac OS-XBut, virtualization is primarily used on servers.

SummaryI have two laptops, both running Windows 7. One takes 32 seconds to boot in addition to the other takes nearly 3 minutes. What could explain the differenceIn this example, we loaded in addition to executed Microsoft Word by double-clicking the name of the program in the Start menu. What would we have done if instead of creating a new document, we wanted to go back in addition to modify the old document called WPdoc1With Windows, user comm in addition to s are usually entered via a mouse click. How does the user enter a comm in addition to on a table PC like the iPad or a smartphone like the iPhoneWhen it is turned on, a computer executes a small bootstrap program that checks to see the hardware is working correctly in addition to loads the operating systems into memory. Is that bootstrap program stored in RAM or ROM Explain your answer.In this presentation, we focused on one application program – Microsoft Word – in addition to one data file. In practice, we typically run several programs simultaneously. How many programs are you currently running Which are theyHow many programs in addition to data files are currently stored on your computerSelf-study questions

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