In as long as mation Systems in addition to Supply Chain Management

In as long as mation Systems in addition to Supply Chain Management

In as long as mation Systems in addition to Supply Chain Management

Davis, Danny, Host;Program Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal In as long as mation Systems in addition to Supply Chain Management CHAPTER 10 McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2012 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Retailing Strategy Questions How does merch in addition to ise in addition to in as long as mation flow from the vendor to the retailer to consumers What activities are undertaken in a distribution center What in as long as mation technology (IT) developments are facilitating vendor-retailer communications How do retailers in addition to vendors collaborate to make sure the right merch in addition to ise is available when customers are ready to buy it What are the benefits to vendors in addition to retailers of collaboration on supply chain management What is RFID, in addition to how will it affect retailing

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Supply chain management Efficient in addition to effective integration of suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, stores, in addition to transportation intermediaries into a seamless value chain. Merch in addition to ise is produced in addition to distributed in the right quantities; to the right locations; in addition to at the right time. Minimization of system wide costs, while satisfying the service levels their customers require. Ryan McVay/Getty Images Illustration of Supply Chain Strategic advantage Improved product availability Higher return on investment Why is Efficient Supply Chain Management so Important to Retailers

Strategic Importance of Supply Chain Management Opportunity to Increase Sales by Making the Right Merch in addition to ise is in the Right Place at the Right Time Fewer Stock-outs Greater Assortment with Less Inventory Opportunity to Reduce Costs Transportation Costs Inventory Holding Costs Improved ROI Timely in as long as mation from store mangers with h in addition to held devices to the corporate office Shorter cycle time from design to production to delivery to stores Shorter lead time – own production, small quantity production in close proximity, efficient logistics, premium transportation, frequent delivery No discounts necessary Strategic Advantage : ZARA Strategic Advantage : Wal-Mart Wal-Mart’s success is from its in as long as mation in addition to supply chain management systems Why are competitor’s lagging behind Made a substantial investment in developing its systems in addition to has the scale economies Through experience in addition to learning, changes are always made to improve the system Coordinated ef as long as t of employees in addition to functional areas throughout the company

Benefits of Efficient Supply Chain Management to Customers: Reduced stockouts – merch in addition to ise will be available when the customer wants them Tailoring assortments – the right merch in addition to ise is available at the right store Improved Product Availability Ryan McVay/Getty Images These benefits translate into greater sales, lower costs, higher inventory turnover, in addition to lower markdowns as long as retailers Higher Return on Investment Efficient Supply Chain Management leads to Increased Sales from more attractive assortments in stock Improved Net Profit Margins from increased gross margin in addition to lowered expenses Lowered inventory from less backup inventory in stock in addition to higher asset (inventory) turnover Return on assets = Net profit margin x Asset turnover Net profit = Net profit x Net sales Total assets Net sales Total assets Same Sales Using Less Inventory In as long as mation in addition to Merch in addition to ise Flows

In as long as mation Flows In as long as mation Flows In as long as mation about purchase is transmitted from POS terminal to the buyer/planner. The planner uses this in as long as mation to monitor in addition to analyze sales in addition to decide to reorder more toaster ovens or reduce its prices if sales are below expectations (Flow 2) When a customer purchases a toaster oven, sales associate scans UPC code on merch in addition to ise in addition to customer credit card/loyalty card (Flow 1) Steve Cole/Getty Images In as long as mation Flows Sales transaction data are sent directly from the store to the vendor, in addition to the vendor decides when to ship more toaster ovens to the distribution center in addition to stores (Flow 3) When inventory drops to a specified level in the distribution center, buyer/planner communicates with vendor, in addition to then places a purchase order to re-supply stores with toaster ovens (Flow 4) StockTrek/Getty Images

In as long as mation Flows Store managers in as long as m distribution center about receipt of toaster ovens in addition to coordinate deliveries (Flow 6) Buyer/planner notifies distribution center about incoming orders in addition to how they are to be distributed to stores (Flow 5) David Buffington/Getty Images PhotoLink/Getty Images When the manufacturer ships the toaster ovens to the distribution center, it sends an advanced shipping notice to the distribution center (Flow 7) Data Warehousing Data warehousing is the coordinated in addition to periodic copying of data from various sources, both inside in addition to outside the enterprise, into an environment ready as long as analytical in addition to in as long as mational processing Wal-Mart makes good use of its data warehouse. Experts estimate that it is second in size only to that of the U.S. government Data Warehousing

Electronic Data Interchange EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between retailers in addition to vendors Merch in addition to ise sales, Inventory On H in addition to , Orders Advanced shipping notices, Receipt of merch in addition to ise, Invoices as long as payment Electronic Data Interchange EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between retailers in addition to vendors St in addition to ards: UCS (Uni as long as m Communication St in addition to ard) VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions) Transmission system: Intranet: local area network (LAN) that employs Internet technology Extranet: collaborative network that uses Internet technology to link businesses with suppliers, customers, etc. EDI Security There are implications of security failures (loss of data, loss of public confidence), but retailers have security policy objectives: Ryan McVay/Getty Images Authentication – system assures person on other end of session is who it claims to be Authorization – that person has permission to carry out request Integrity – info arriving is the same that was sent

The Physical Flow of Merch in addition to ise – Logistics Logistics: The aspect of supply chain that refers to the planning, implementation, in addition to control of the efficient flow in addition to storage of goods, services, in addition to related in as long as mation from the point of origin to the point of consumption to meet customers’ requirements Merch in addition to ise Flow Retailers can have merch in addition to ise shipped directly to their stores (path 3) or to their distribution centers (paths 1 in addition to 2) Managing inbound transportation Receiving in addition to checking merch in addition to ise Storing or cross docking merch in addition to ise Getting merch in addition to ise floor ready Ticketing in addition to marking Putting on hangers Preparing to ship merch in addition to ise to a store Managing outbound transportation Activities Per as long as med by Distribution Center

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More accurate sales as long as ecasts are possible when retailers combine as long as ecasts as long as many stores serviced by one distributor Enables retailers to carry less merch in addition to ise in the store Easier to avoid running out of stock Retail store space is more expensive than space at the distribution center Advantages of Using a Distribution Center Outsourcing Logistics Retailers consider outsourcing logistical functions if those functions can be per as long as med better or less expensively by third-party logistics companies Transportation Warehousing Freight Forwarders Integrated Third-Party Logistics Services Pull in addition to Push Supply Chain Orders as long as merch in addition to ise are generated at the store level on the basis of POS sales data Pull Supply Chain Push Supply Chain Merch in addition to ise is allocated to stores on the basis of as long as ecasted dem in addition to Less likely to be overstocked or out of sock Increases inventory turnover Responsive to changes in customer dem in addition to Efficient when dem in addition to is uncertain, in addition to hard to as long as ecast Less costly than a pull supply chain Less sophisticated in as long as mation needed system to support it Efficient as long as merch in addition to ise that has steady, predictable dem in addition to

Advantages of Direct Store Delivery Gets merch in addition to ise faster, in addition to is thus used as long as perishable goods (meat in addition to produce) Helps the retailer’s image of being the first to sell the latest product (video games) or fads Some vendors provide direct store delivery as long as retailers to ensure that their products are on the store’s shelves, properly displayed, in addition to fresh Reverse Logistics The process of moving returned goods from their customer destination as long as the purpose of capturing value or proper disposal Retailers recover loss through on-line auctions Reverse-logistics systems are challenging Items may be damaged or require special h in addition to ling Transportation costs are high Supply Chain as long as Fulfilling Catalog in addition to Internet orders When fulfilling orders from individual consumers, retailers ship small packages with one or two items to a large number of different places Distribution centers as long as picking in addition to packing orders as long as consumers

RFID is expensive – the return on investment is low It still only makes sense to put tags on pallets, cartons, expensive merch in addition to ise or high theft items RFID generates more data than what can be currently processed Consumers worry about privacy invasion Impediments to the Adoption of RFID

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