In Their Own Words So what is TEI TEI at BGSU Why do TEI locally The Emerson Family Papers

In Their Own Words So what is TEI TEI at BGSU Why do TEI locally The Emerson Family Papers

In Their Own Words So what is TEI TEI at BGSU Why do TEI locally The Emerson Family Papers

Francis, Sandy, Contributing Editor at Large has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal In Their Own WordsTEI in addition to World War IElizabeth Hertenstein & Julie Rabine / BGSU Libraries 2015So what is TEI Text Encoding InitiativeXML BasedMetadata schema used as long as literary works in addition to manuscript materials“Catalogs” individual content of material, not just physical objectTEI at BGSU Rare Books SchoolOff-Site TrainingWeek long TEI CourseH in addition to s on experienceTrain others

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Why do TEI locallyDigital initiativesDigital humanitiesOther local projectsSpecial collections materials scanned with descriptive metadataLibrarians in the classroom working with student curated online exhibitsTransition to Cataloging & MetadataEnriched metadata that goes beyond Dublin CoreScholarly work as long as faculty librarians: Creating new knowledgeThe Emerson Family Papers ProjectSelecting primary materials: Emerson Family PapersWWI centenary2014-2018UL wide exhibitionsLocal focusNorthwest Ohio familySize of collectionIncreased focus on digitizing hidden collectionsJoint appointment

Preparing the collectionDigitizationTranscriptionStudentsStaffMark-UpReviewMark-Up with TEI Personal names ,, < as long as ename>, Author Places , , , , Dates , , , , Organizations , , Misspellings Abbreviations Additions Address

Salutation Signature Unknown words Corrections Form ( as long as this project it will always be letter) < as long as m>Gap (omitted material) Initial mark-up by project coordinatorsMaterials usedTraining documentationBased on project coordinators experienceWorking documentSupplied manualExamplesTEI tagsExplanation of process Review

Online display the Emerson family Dramatis PersonaeCreating the taxonomyFull nameDatesNames as they appear in the lettersRelationship to Harold in addition to EarlAge in addition to situation during the time of the letter writingSource:

“Four unidentified men in uni as long as m”Earl Age 27May 1918 – Sept 1919HaroldAge 26June 1918 – July 1919ClaytonAge 22Sept 1918 – March 1919Dad & Home FrontGetting StartedThings that worked as long as us in addition to things that didn’tGetting off the ground: Things to doStart with focused people with high interestGain technical know-how, probably involving outside trainingForm a partnership with archivistsSell it to the deanGet on the strategic planEnlist ITSProvide in-house trainingFind funding as long as student employees in addition to staff time to carry on the work

Software considerationsTEI creationHosting the collectionOmekaOpen sourceAlready in use as long as online exhibitsTEI plug in cumbersomeContentDMLimited “lite” versionLITS reluctant to experimentNo financial supportOxygenTEI code built inOnly 3 licensesNo test environmentNotepad++Open sourceToo bare bones as long as non-programmersIf we had it to do again Attempt to consult with faculty at the start – don’t botherBe more strategic with timeline – set benchmarks in addition to deadlinesPlan student staffing more carefully – two-edged swordGet Library ITS involved soonerGoing ForwardDoes TEI have a future at BGSU Libraries

Sustainability: Making it work as long as usIdentify materials to work with in the futureKeep the collaboration going with the Center as long as Archival CollectionsPartner with faculty in the humanitiesMake the transition from interesting project to regular department workThe Key: Faculty workload in addition to staffingGain institutional buy-in as long as metadata projects as significant librarian workFind ways to get basic cataloging doneDecide which parts of the work are most appropriate as long as faculty, staff, in addition to student workersSt in addition to ardize workDevelop training + manual as long as students in addition to staff who will be involvedDevelop workflow as long as tracking, approving in addition to uploading final versionsFuture development of the websiteWork in progressSearch engineTaxonomiesReader-friendly transcriptsMore contentAesthetics

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