Increasing Faculty Diversity What have we learned Casting the net widely revisi

Increasing Faculty Diversity What have we learned Casting the net widely revisi

Increasing Faculty Diversity What have we learned Casting the net widely revisi

Morris, Scott, Interim Executive Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Increasing Faculty Diversity What have we learned Casting the net widely revisitedWhere we are Casting the Net Widely : General St in addition to ards Diversity LiasonsDepartment Plan as long as attracting diverse c in addition to idates Networking – meeting diverse c in addition to idates in addition to referrals PostingsAll jobs must be posted Create posting as long as known recruitment outlets as long as minority /female c in addition to idate Where we areIDENTIFYING CANDIDATES Diverse postdoctoral fellowsIn as long as mation sessions to bring in diverse postdoctoral fellowsSeminar series of interest to diverse post doctoral fellowsConsidering hiring our own post doctoral fellows

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Casting the Net WidelyRecruiting C in addition to idates Affirmatively reach out to diverse in addition to underrepresented c in addition to idates Remain aware of competing offers to ensure we are more competitive IS THIS ENOUGH CAN WE DO MORE 20MM Scholarships as well as focused ef as long as ts to increase faculty diversity in addition to improve climateYale University – 50MM as long as faculty diversityIS THIS ENOUGH CAN WE DO MORE Annenberg (2011-2012 REPORT ON DIVERSITY):Following the CNW st in addition to ards does produce some positive results In the Communication School, three searches in the last two academic years produced 3 new tenure-track colleagues, All of them faculty of color. In the Journalism school, five searches as long as tenure-track in addition to professional practice, produced five new colleagues, 2 Faculty of Color1 Woman

WHAT WAS LEFT BEHIND Focused Commitment As simplistic as it may sound, the recognition that a problem exists is really quite important. It is also something that many administrators in addition to members of search committees fail to see. In order to effect systemic change, academic leaders -particularly, search committees, deans, in addition to provosts -need to be “color conscious.” Faulty Forum Newsletter 2000What was left behind Persistence vs. “fluid participation” People drift in in addition to out of decision-making processes, in addition to their attention span is limited. Those who persist have a much better chance of controlling the agenda in addition to achieving their aims. LONG TERM DIVERSITY LIASONS/ LONG TERM PLANSWHAT WAS LEFT BEHINDFocused Commitment The critique of merit – identify c in addition to idates that may not “look like” traditional c in addition to idates Dysconscious racism. When judgments are made about the qualifications of minority c in addition to idates, there is often a predisposition among white members of search committees to look as long as in addition to favor c in addition to idates who are most like themselves—not necessarily racially or ethnically, but in terms of educational background, social skills, values, in addition to behaviors— in addition to to reject those whose education, experience, or research interests deviate from the traditional academic mold. One might say that search committees, without intending to, look as long as “Afro-Saxons” or “Hispanic-Saxons,” or as long as versions of Cornel West or Henry Louis Gates.

WHAT WAS LEFT BEHINDMINORTY NETWORKS“3 new senior faculty members of color were recruited. None of them was looking as long as a position. Their recruitment was possible because faculty of color in the search committee were part of academic in addition to social networks of faculty of color at other institutions.” A common explanation as long as the lack of minority faculty in universities is that there are too few of them or that they just don’t apply. Actually, a more persuasive explanation is that members of most search committees are not aware of the academic networks in addition to intellectual communities that exist among faculty of color Does your school/department make use of networks as long as med by faculty of color [Critical Mass] What was Left Behind CRITICAL MASS/RETENTION Numerous studies have shown that there is a strong link between recruitment in addition to retention of underrepresented minority faculty. The most significant factor that impacts upon both is critical mass. It is far easier to attract faculty to all institution in where there is an established group of scholars who would constitute an immediate cohort. If there is no such cohort, the institution is vulnerable to the raiding of faculty or the failure of junior faculty to secure tenure. It cannot be underscored enough how important critical mass is to the successful achievement of the goals of increasing in addition to keeping underrepresented minority faculty at USC. Estela Mara Bensimón (Rossier) How can we create critical mass Adjuncts/ Part time professors /Visiting Scholars Senate White Paper on Under represented Minorities (1998)A directory of top-ranked senior in addition to junior under-represented minority scholars in their discipline should be developed using personal in addition to professional networks, nationally in addition to internationally. Each department should consult in addition to review this directory in addition to it’s strategic plan

WHAT WAS LEFT BEHIND (Senate white paper 1998)Cluster Hires “Once we determined that we would hire three or more senior faculty members of color, we decided to make it a cluster hire so that all three would be affiliated with the same department. Additionally, we looked as long as individuals with shared research agendas to foster opportunities as long as collaboration. “WHAT WAS LEFT BEHIND BIODYNAMIC DIVERSITY vs. SUBSTANTIVE DIVERSITY COMMITMENTSMere representativeness vs. a substantive commitment to programming that would attract in addition to sustain faculty of color working in certain areas (i.e. Institute of Latin American Studies) Instead of treating departing faculty as creating a “need” in a particular area – ask whether the departure creates an opportunity to re-consider the Department’s focus in addition to move in a direction that would promote diversity ef as long as ts . SENATE WHITE PAPER (1998)Relatively few faculty at the department in addition to school levels have been proactively or actively involved in the recruitment of under-represented minority faculty.Retention of under-represented minority in addition to women faculty is as much an issue as is recruitment.

The shadow of the lawTitle VIINo preference based on race . Does not mean ignoring the additional concrete value a c in addition to idate can offer in 1) teaching about race; 2) an interest or demonstrated skill in mentoring underrepresented minorities;3) facilitating diversity initiatives C in addition to idates do this work once they are hired. Why are we not allowed to consider this work as part of the package when they are hired, provided there is disclosure

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