Individual Evaluation Bibliography Performance Evaluation


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Individual Evaluation Bibliography Performance Evaluation

California State University, Fresno, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Performance Evaluation Bibliography Kaplan, Robert S, in addition to David P. Norton, The Balanced Scorecard, Harvard Business School Press,1996 Edwards,Mark R. in addition to Ann J. Ewen, 360§ Feedback, American Management Association, 1996 ?Using Measurement so that Boost Your Unit?s Performance?, Harvard Management Update, 1998 Individual Evaluation 360ø Evaluation Productivity Measures Customers Seen Number of Sales Accomplishing more Effectiveness Measures Number of resolved customer service claims Customer satisfaction

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Corporate Evaluation Comparison budget so that actual Variance analysis Return on investment Residual Income Management by objectives Economic Value Added Balanced Scorecard Single Source Evaluation May be biased May be self-serving Politics, favoritism Evaluator may have only limited observation Less rigor Not as willing so that confront non-performers 360ø Feedback Multi-source Tap collective intelligence More impact More valid in any legal proceedings

Benefits of 360ø Gives all a say Supervisor Peers Subordinates Internal in addition to External customers More information Anonymous Better evaluates teams May give SWOT insight Uses of 360ø For employee development Employee appraisal Increases accountability Highlights critical competencies Legal protection Quality improvement Process reengineering How so that Do 360ø Corporate Culture requirements Process Design Develop survey Process Implementation Training Prototype Safeguards Process Evaluation Stepped implementation

Today?s Topics: Set notations 1 . ? Vs ? ? Vs ? ? Vs ? ? Vs ? 2. Venn Diagrams 3 . Proving two sets are equal Set equality Set equality: example Set equality 4. Power Set in addition to Cross Product Power Sets Cross Product

Economic Value Added Find after-tax operating income in consideration of division Revisions – capitalize R & D Apply weighted cost of capital as a charge Analyze if positive or negative, helping the firm or not Balanced Scorecard Aligns performance alongside vision Uses hard so that manipulate measures Balanced Scorecard Perspectives Financial ? How do we look so that our shareholder? Customer ? How do customers see us? Internal Business ? What must we excel at? Innovation in addition to Learning ? Can we continue so that improve in addition to create value?

Principles of Balanced Scorecard Translate firm strategy so that operational terms Strategy maps Align organization so that the strategy Make strategy everyone?s job Make strategy a continual process Link budgets in addition to strategies Mobilize change through effective leadership Five Steps so that Measurement In each perspective, have several measures Figure out the numbers that matter What are the goals that support objectives Consequences of using a particular metric Using leading in addition to lagging measures? Drill down so that understand cause in addition to effect Set realistic not arbitrary goals Learn so that forecast Get everyone involved

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