Inequality: Envy, Gr in addition to iloquence, Evidence Richard RollOnassis Chairmen’s ForumC

Inequality: Envy, Gr in addition to iloquence, Evidence Richard RollOnassis Chairmen’s ForumC

Inequality: Envy, Gr in addition to iloquence, Evidence Richard RollOnassis Chairmen’s ForumC

Rash, Jennifer, Mangaging Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Inequality: Envy, Gr in addition to iloquence, Evidence Richard RollOnassis Chairmen’s ForumCass Business SchoolSeptember 15, 2015Allegations, Corrections, ConsequencesAllegation:Income in addition to wealth inequality has grown dramatically over the past few decadesSuper rich are particular beneficiaries in addition to are undeserving (envy)Advocated Corrections:Income taxes (up to 90%) on the “rich”, (Holl in addition to e, Piketty, Krugman, )Taxes on financial transactionsControls on compensation in addition to on freedom of actionConsequences:Existential threat to the City in addition to other centers free market activityPossible threats to innovation, economic growth, prosperityThe Gr in addition to iloquence of Populists Income redistribution is a zero-sum game. Any action that hurts one income class helps anotherData can be manipulated to make this seem validFor example, compare the percentage of each country’s total income earned by the poorest decile against the percentage of income earned by the richest decileHere are four snapshots of this plot over the past 28 years, seven years at time From World Bank Database (as are all data in this talk)

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Measures of InequalityBut percentages of income earned by citizens in different income groups must add to 100% by constructionSpecious arithmetic or even tautologyTwo Better () indicatorsAverage incomes of richest versus poorest groupsThe Gini coefficientThe favorite inequality indicator of many academics, the World Bank, in addition to government statistical bureausTakes into account everyone, not just the poorest in addition to richest If everyone is equal, Gini=0. If one person gets everything, Gini=100%Incomes per capita of richest in addition to poorest deciles

Explanation of the Gini CoefficientThree-decade trends in Gini by Region

Trend in InequalityThe trends shown in the previous regions all seem to portray the same pattern: There is no trend in most countriesCountries that were relative unequal three decades ago remain unequal, in addition to vice versaNote that some countries, important countries such as India, have sparse in as long as mation in addition to are missing; They very well could be exceptions; (a recent Gini as long as India is about 34%)Richer countries are more equal, but the relation is not strong as indicated in the following graphs of Gini vs. GNIThe Big PuzzleThere seems to be a (minor) connection between prosperity in addition to equalityWhich is the cause in addition to which the effectOr, cum hoc ergo propter hoc; are both endogenous to other influences that are now widely accepted as causative as long as prosperity, such asProperty rights (+)Corruption (-)Press Freedom (+)Other institutional features related to the judiciary, democracy, the monetary authority, unionization, trade barriers, etc. The populist gr in addition to iloquence does not appear to be based on evidence

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