INNOVATION? Case Discussions Market Dynamics in addition to Innovation in t


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INNOVATION? Case Discussions Market Dynamics in addition to Innovation in t

Charleston Southern University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, INNOVATION? Case Discussions Market Dynamics in addition to Innovation in the Photography Industry: Polaroid Instant in addition to Digital Photography?POLAROID Polaroid is a company in decline, but it has not reached a critical stage yet. Given the company’s current situation, industry developments, innovation in addition to the changing market dynamics, address the following: What were Polaroid?s historical sources of competing. Are these still valid in addition to how sustainable or renewable are they? What are Polaroid?s strategic options? Specifically, what are the current sources of competing, who are the players, what are the critical components of the market, what are the critical success factors in consideration of competing in addition to what drivers are defining the markets? (HINT: consider the ?chain? of components in addition to players in the digital photography markets.) Given the strategic options, the company?s resources in addition to its current situation, what should Polaroid?s strategy be alongside respect so that instant photography in addition to the digital imaging markets? What rationale supports the analysis in addition to strategy? What should be the timing of the strategy? How should Polaroid distribute its R&D resources between instant in addition to digital?

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