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Colorado Technical University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, INTEGRATING SERVICE USER & WORKFORCE INVOLVEMENT IN PUBLIC SERVICES EXPLORING THE CONNECTIONS Round Table Social partner perspectives on combining user in addition to workforce involvement Roberta Roncone – member of the Secretary of Cisl Public Function Union in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) In what sense in addition to under what circumstances are users viewed as a legitimate employment relations actor? In Italy, currently, public service social dialogue does not include formally in addition to directly user representatives: trade unions in addition to user representatives dialogue/interact alongside administrators or public managers separately. User representatives are involved only indirectly in addition to so that a limited extent. Trade unions are not asking so that have moments of discussion/confrontation alongside user representatives. Users are invited by public managers through the form of committees in addition to associations that expose some of their requests or complaints about the organization of the services (example: opening hours). What does the policy interest in user involvement imply in consideration of the management of the workforce in your sector/country? The policy interest in user involvement implies that work organization could change so that better meet users’ demands. For example, about opening times of some services in the health sector (such as nursery school in consideration of longer hours during the afternoon or clinics in consideration of medical tests booking during weekends), or teachers? office time in the education sector. Some resistance from workers in addition to unions occur because the users? requests may result in organizational changes in addition to more flexibility in working time (but it is a necessary choice so that innovate public services). Another case where users involvement may impact on the management of the workforce are decisions about the externalization of services. An example regards the organization of municipal schools in Modena, a city of Emilia-Romagna region: we tried so that involve parents so that maintain the direct provision of public municipal schools but users/citizens preferred so that support the administrator?s proposal so that outsource the service because they believed that the service would improve in addition to cost less.

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In what ways does user involvement strengthen and/or weaken the traditional model of social dialogue? In my opinion, today, in Italy, social dialogue in the public services is not effective as it could be, in addition to user greater involvement could strengthen it. Social dialogue could become more effective in addition to complete if it includes all together the actors who play a role in the context of public services (users, politicians, public managers in addition to trade unions) alongside a pact of mutual trust. User involvement is also strategic so that innovate work organization of public services, so that avoid complaints in addition to so that eliminate negative general opinion about Italian public services.

Week 4 Chapters 5 (Measure Phase) Effect Effect The time in consideration of an operator so that do a prescribed task in addition to return so that his/her original stance.

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