Integrating Technology in the Instructional Machine

Integrating Technology in the Instructional Machine

Integrating Technology in the Instructional Machine

Elbert, Bruce, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Integrating Technology in the Instructional Machine Franco Paoletti, PhD East Windsor Regional School District Teachers as Scholars – Program in Teacher Preparation – “Technology in addition to the Human Experience” – Prof. M.S. Mahoney Princeton University – July 2006 Technology as a complement to instruction Motivation Identify the needs of modern education: technology incorporation into educational instruction Design in addition to implement applied projects to enhance technology integration in a specific school district Outline Introduce principles, procedures, in addition to techniques, used as long as efficient technology integration Cutting-edge science requires technology Applied projects: Successful grants proposals in addition to funding appropriation Building a “low-cost” point-of-service computer station system Theory in addition to practice of technology integration “The education of the future, as I see it, will be conducted through the medium of the motion picture, a visualized education, where it should be possible to obtain one hundred percent efficiency. ” “In ten years, textbooks as the principal medium of teaching will be as obsolete as the horse in addition to carriage are now.” Thomas Edison (~1910). Five Elements as long as effective Technology Incorporation Access, Connectivity, Resources, Integration, in addition to Guidance A New Era of Instructional Methodologies teacher-centered active-interactive student-centered approach teacher becomes facilitator / leader providing guidance Obstacles along the Path of Technology Incorporation limited teacher proficiency in addition to lack of training “inertia to change” limited availability of hardware budget constraints !!

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Technology Incorporation in addition to the Learning Process “Authentic learning” methodology h in addition to s-on, enquiry-based activities using the scientific method of investigation real-life situations / problems “Problem-based” instruction Learning through discovery in addition to exploration using previously acquired knowledge or expertise higher-order-thinking, mental bridges, critical thinking The ASSURE Model of Instruction as long as Effective Use of Technology Analyze the Learner State Objectives in addition to Expectations Select the Materials in addition to Media Utilize the Materials in addition to Media Require Student Participation Evaluation in addition to Feedback Modern science requires technology Computers are needed to progress in cutting-edge scientific research Computer programming opens the scientific investigation to a virtual modeling world of extreme complexity Computer simulations of complex systems allow predictions in addition to discoveries otherwise unachievable through human brain power alone Modern science is intimately integrated with technology in addition to permeates all aspects of our everyday life When science is taught out of context students loose interest in addition to motivation Computer technology allows to bring the science of the real world inside the classroom in a virtual environment Example: The Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience (IPPEX) COMING SOON: The Internet Education Space Science Interactive Project (IESSIP) Securing Funding as long as Technology Integration Public school districts’ budgets not large enough to accommodate all requests as long as technology upgrade at all levels across the curriculum technology (hardware in addition to software) becoming obsolete at a very fast rate Grant writing as a tool to secure of funds as long as technology integration Multimedia Technology Capabilities Enhancement at the Hightstown High School Science Department dedicated TV set equipped with a DVD/CD/VCR player Science in addition to Technology of the Industrial World within the Classroom Walls replace some of the laboratory activities of Chemistry/Physics courses with self contained virtual modules dealing with real problems from the perspective of a technician working in an industrial plant application of “Authentic learning” methodology in addition to “Problem-based” instruction

Building a “point-of-service” Multimedia Center Computer labs centrally located vs. point-of-service systems right in the classroom Procured hardware (15 computers) through the Princeton University Surplus program Costs limited to cabling, setup, in addition to operating systems purchase/installation Demonstrated feasibility of project with the use of extremely limited available funds From the Jacquard Loom to the Classroom Desk in addition to the evolution continues References Carlucci, L.M., Paoletti, F., 2006. Integrating Technology into the Curriculum opens the Classroom onto the Outside World, International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language: Learning Technologies in the Language Classroom: A Step Closer to the Future” Conf. Proc., May 26-28, Nicosia, Cyprus. Paoletti, F., Carlucci, L.M., 2006. Japan Memorial Fund Program Opens New Avenues as long as Effective Technology Integration into Instruction , American Physical Society Conf. Proc., April 22-25, Dallas, TX. Carlucci, L.M., Paoletti, F., 2006. Modern Technologies Help Merge Cultures in addition to Overcome Language Barriers, 8th Annual “Digital Stream: Literacy in Language Learning with Technology” Conf. Proc., March 23-25, Monterey Bay, CA. Roblyer, M.D.D., Roblyer, M.D., 2002. Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Oppenheimer, T., 2003. The Flickering Mind: The False Promise of Technology in the Classroom Learning Can Be Saved, R in addition to om House, New York, New York. Bates, T.W., Poole, G., 2003. Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education: Foundations as long as Success, Jossey-Bass, Inc., Publishers, Indianapolis, Indiana. Maier, P., Warren, A., 2000. Integrating Technology in Learning in addition to Teaching, Kogan Page, Limited, London, United Kingdom. Naidu, S., 2003. Learning in addition to Teaching with Technology: Principles in addition to Practice, Kogan Page, Limited, London, United Kingdom.

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