Internal Controls Page 4 Computer System Flowchart of Production Planning


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Internal Controls Page 4 Computer System Flowchart of Production Planning

Clemson University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Page 4 Computer System Flowchart of Production Planning Gavin Houn Kelsey Peng Paninee Manatsathit Delphinus Chow It is a special ordering process. Engineer designs in addition to send the specifications in consideration of special sales orders so that a production planning department. A production planning clerk enters data into a system online. Then, two files, Product specification file in addition to operations (routing) file would be updated before sending so that the next process which is prepare production in addition to materials needs. Section 1 It is a routine ordering process. This process is going along alongside a special ordering process (#1). Sales forecasts in addition to back-order report are important process in order so that determine the production needs by each product. From that, the production requirement by product document is created. The data is entered into the computer system at the end of each day. Section 2 Sale forecasts: it is a forecast in consideration of the sales of next period based on the sales of the previous period. Often used in a JIT (Just-in-time) method of inventory Back-Order report: a document which summarizes all back order authorizing the purchase or production of items in consideration of which sufficient quantity is not available so that meet customer orders Definitions

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Section 3 The next process is so that prepare production in addition to materials needs which use the data from step 1&2. There are 4 files involve in this process, which are: 1. Raw materials inventory file ? indicates availability of each raw material in stock 2. Machine loading file ? indicates availability of the machines in the factory. 3. Open production orders file ? 4. Production schedule file ? indicates how much in addition to when each product would be produce. System then produces necessary documents in consideration of production. Section 4 Bills of materials, Operations lists, in addition to Sales order document are sent so that customer as acknowledgement. Bills of materials: A bill of material is a formally structured list in consideration of an object (semi-finished or finished product) which lists all the component parts of the object alongside the name, reference number, quantity, in addition to unit of measure of each component Operations list: a document that specifies the labor in addition to machine requirements needed so that manufacture the product. Also referred so that as a routing sheet, because it indicates how a product moves through the factory, specifying what is done at each step, in addition to how much time each operation should take. Sales order: the document created during sales order entry, listing the item numbers, quantities, prices, in addition to terms of the sales Section 5 Production order, Move ticket, in addition to Materials issue cards are sent so that production operations. Production order: a document authorizing the manufacture of a specified quantity of a particular product. It lists the operations so that be performed, the quantity so that be produced, in addition to the location so that which the finished product is so that be delivered. Move tickets: Documents that identify the internal transfer of inventory, the location so that which they are transferred, in addition to the time of the transfer Materials Issue Card: Distribution of materials necessary in consideration of production

Section 6 Revised production schedule is sent so that production work centers. Production schedule: it specifies how much of each product is so that be produced during the planning period in addition to when that production should occur. Section 7 Material requirements reports are sent so that purchasing processing. Materials Requirements Report: Report requesting the required materials so that be purchased in consideration of production. Internal Controls Back up master files Approval of Production needs Copies of documents produced Batch documents Passwords on master files Type Box: Format Completion Accuracy check

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