Introduction: Brain areas involved in face processing in addition to attractiveness judgeme

Introduction: Brain areas involved in face processing in addition to attractiveness judgeme

Introduction: Brain areas involved in face processing in addition to attractiveness judgeme

Bickley, Dan, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Introduction: Brain areas involved in face processing in addition to attractiveness judgements have been identified1,2. Little work has examined what facial characteristics drive activity in these regions. Computer graphic techniques can be used to morph facial photographs towards an average face shape3. This manipulation increases subjective judgements of attractiveness, perhaps reflecting evolved mate choice mechanisms4. We presented participants with faces varying in attractiveness in addition to averageness to investigate activity in fusi as long as m gyrus in addition to striatum in response to biologically significant stimulus characteristics. Fig 1. Behavioral Data: Faces increase in attractiveness when morphed towards average shape. Highly attractive faces are more average in addition to thus benefit less from morphing than range in addition to low attractive faces. Methods 60 male & 60 female facial photographs were used to produce two morphed images (Fig. 1). Nine right-h in addition to ed paid heterosexual females, aged 20-24 participated. Three 10-minute fMRI scans were per as long as med during each of which participants rated the attractiveness of 120 faces (right-h in addition to ed response; 1-5 Likert scale). One version of each face was used per scan. Image type was pseudo-r in addition to omly ordered in 90s blocks containing 20 male & 20 female faces (Fig. 2). Each face was displayed as long as 1.5s, with a jittered inter-trial interval (mean 3s) during which a fixation “+” was presented. fMRI data were acquired using a 1.5T GE scanner; T1 weighted structural & T2 weighted functional (EPI, matrix 6464, TR=2.5s, TE=40ms, 30 slices, interleaved acquisition). St in addition to ard pre-processing was employed (slice timing in addition to motion artefact correction, alignment with structural scans, spatial normalisation to MNI adam is an arsey bastard The Neural Correlates of Facial Attractiveness Adam McNamara1, Ian S. Penton-Voak4, Enrico Simonotto3, Nigel Goddard1, & David I. Donaldson2,4,.   Centre as long as Functional Imaging Studies, Edinburgh University, UK.1 Departments of Psychology2 in addition to Psychiatry3, Edinburgh University, UK. Department of Psychology4, Stirling University, UK. Fig 3. Morphing Analysis: Anterior Fusi as long as m Gyrus exhibits a parametric decrease in activation as averageness increases in male but not female stimuli when viewed by female subjects. Fig 4. Attractiveness Analysis: In female subjects Thalamus in addition to Bilateral Ventral Striatum exhibit greater activity as long as attractive male faces compared to unattractive male faces. The design matrix modelled linear changes in activity associated with averageness; canonical HRFs were weighted to account as long as the level of attractiveness of each face (cf. Fig 1). Glass brains (left) show positive in addition to negative parametric effects as long as male in addition to female stimuli. Timecourse (right) shows decreasing activation as averageness increases. Canonical HRFs modelled activity based on subjects’ attractiveness ratings; each stimulus was classified by sex in addition to attractiveness (unattractive, range, in addition to attractive). Glass brains (left) show greater activity as long as attractive compared to unattractive stimuli. Importantly, timecourses (right) as long as male stimuli show different patterns of activity in motor cortex compared to thalamus in addition to striatum. Discussion: We found that male, but not female, faces elicit striatal in addition to thalamic responses when women make subjective judgments of attractiveness (cf. Fig 4). This finding extends previous research in addition to suggests that attractiveness cues which evoke reward response appear to be sex specific. Computer morphing has allowed an exploration of subtle aspects of facial processing (cf. Fig 1). Specifically, small changes in the averageness of opposite sex faces appear to reduce processing in the visual stream (cf. Fig 3). Equivalent data from male subjects is required to establish whether the differential responses found in both reward in addition to face processing regions are truly sex specific. Threshold at P > 0.001 uncorrected, min cluster size 15. Blue Square indicates Motor Cortex (d). Male Stimuli Attractive v Unattractive Female Stimuli Attractive v Unattractive Fig 2. Paradigm Design as long as a Single Scan Threshold at P > 0.001 uncorrected, min cluster size 20. Red circles indicate Fusi as long as m Gyrus. Male Stimuli Female Stimuli Parametric Increases as Averageness Decreases Parametric Decreases as Averageness Decreases template, resampling to 2mm3 voxels & 6mm FWHM smooth). GLM based fixed-effects event-related analyses were per as long as med using SPM99. Refs: 1. Kanwisher, N., et al. (1997) J. Neuro. 2. Kampe, K.K., et al. (2001) Nature. 3. Rowl in addition to , D. & Perrett, D.I. (1995) IEEE Comp. Graph. App. 4. Fink, B. & Penton-Voak, I.S. (2002) Curr. Dir. Psy. Sci. Acknowledgements: Supported by Stirling University, The Brain Imaging Research Centre as long as Scotl in addition to , The Centre as long as Functional Imaging Studies, Edinburgh, in addition to Lothian NHS Board. Corresponding Author: Email R R

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