Introduction to Cancer Biology Aim Objectives The development of a cancer

Introduction to Cancer Biology Aim Objectives The development of a cancer

Introduction to Cancer Biology Aim Objectives The development of a cancer

Powell, Brad, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Introduction to Cancer Biology Richard Begent Aim To explain the principles of the development of cancer in addition to its effect on patients Objectives By the end of the session students should be able to: List the elements of the process of development of cancer Link the elements in a structured description of the process of cancer Relate these principles to selected clinical examples

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The development of a cancer

Immortalisation TTAGGG x n TTAGGG x n TTAGGG x n/2 TTAGGG x n/2 Telomeres (TTAGGG repeats) shorten with each cell division in normal adult cells. Most cells become senescent in addition to die after 30-60 divisions Senescence DNA Repeated cell division TTAGGG x n TTAGGG x n Telomerase maintains telomere length Cells can replicate indefinitely Cancer cells, foetal cells & germ cells

Altered proteins Altered function of mutant proteins Splice variants Altered post-translational modification Carcinoma Normal colon Tumour invading through muscle wall of bowel Normal muscle wall of bowel Invasion

Large tumour masses Metastasis

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Loss of homeostasis Replacement of vital organs by tumour Infiltration into organs Pressure from tumour masses Breaching natural barriers to infection Paraneoplastic syndromes Effects of treatment Psychological effects of debilitating illness

Principles of management Avoid risk Identify in addition to screen groups at risk Diagnose at the earliest possible stage Establish extent of spread Establish prognosis Local treatment as long as localised disease Systemic treatment as long as systemic disease Combinations are sometimes appropriate Monitor response in addition to adjust treatment Monitor homeostasis in addition to adapt management

The elements of cancer; how do they fit together Tasks as long as this week Work on the questionnaires in addition to bring them completed in addition to with your questions as long as discussion at 4pm on Friday 28th April Work in groups of 3-6 to prepare a scheme linking the elements of cancer in way that explains the process of cancer from origin to death or cure.

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