Introduction to: Hyperion Strategic Finance in addition to Strategic Finance Consulting SCO

Introduction to: Hyperion Strategic Finance in addition to Strategic Finance Consulting SCO

Introduction to: Hyperion Strategic Finance in addition to Strategic Finance Consulting SCO

Stein, Mary, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Introduction to: Hyperion Strategic Finance in addition to Strategic Finance Consulting SCOOP Session September 30, 2004 History Hyperion Strategic Finance, as long as merly Alcar, was founded in 1979 by two Professors from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Al Rappaport in addition to Carl Noble Jr. Al Rappaport authored Creating Shareholder Value in addition to was instrumental in the advent of value based management Strategic Finance was acquired by Hyperion in April of 2003 Hyperion is one of the global leaders in Business Per as long as mance Management Software with 91 of the Fortune 100 largest companies using our software as long as their business needs Hyperion, with 2,600 employees, was named as one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work as long as in 2004. What is Hyperion Strategic Finance Software package similar to Excel that allows users to make key strategic financial decisions, such as: Should we divest an underper as long as ming business Should we acquire one or more of our competitors Should we invest in project A or project B Should we buyback shares or issue dividends with the excess cash we expect to generate Consultants at HSF utilize their knowledge of finance to build financial models as long as clients that provide insight to executives on key strategic issues such as those listed above.

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Consulting Projects Projects last between one in addition to three months (2 months on average) Discuss in addition to underst in addition to client’s specific industry in addition to business needs Discuss in addition to underst in addition to merger in addition to acquisition analysis, long-term strategic planning, in addition to other financial analysis Build financial models using HSF software to meet client needs Valuation Metrics Merger in addition to Acquisition Analysis – Capital Structure Issues, etc. HSF Clients Corporate – Strategic Modeling Allows running of different alternatives, strategies or scenarios in addition to view impact on full financials (I/S, B/S, C/F, ) to evaluate important business decisions Provides Senior Management with a tool to evaluate profitability in addition to economic value of various business units, capital projects, in addition to potential targets as long as acquisition. Banks – Credit in addition to Risk Management Allows bankers to evaluate borrower’s credit worthiness utilizing full financials (I/S, B/S, C/F, ) Allows Banks to reduce overall lending risk ‘Typical’ HSF Corporate Project – Timing Overall time frame – 1 to 3 months Design Phase Work with client to identify needs in addition to conceptualize solutions Build Phase Model building in addition to linking to source systems Testing Phase Roll-out Phase Client Training On site assistance during critical business moments: M&A transactions Divestiture modeling Strategic Plan Consolidation

‘Typical’ HSF Project – Staffing Hyperion: Project manager Consultant Client: Owner is usually CFO, VP of Finance or Planning, or Treasurer Main contact or client lead is usually Director or Manager in above areas Remainder of team will be financial analysts from each area Key Benefits of working as long as HSF Valuable industry experience Exposure to all key finance functions of a major company Senior management client contact Acquire strong technical in addition to interpersonal skills Extensive travel opportunities including international HSF Skill Set Technical Skills: Solid accounting in addition to financial statement knowledge, especially an underst in addition to ing of how P&L in addition to B/S interact to generate Cash Flow statement. In-depth underst in addition to ing of the Cash Flow statement – Cash vs. non-cash flows, M&A activity, etc. Valuation theory in addition to practical application of DCF, EVA, in addition to Multiple approaches. Knowledge of M&A accounting is helpful. Financial modeling in addition to as long as ecasting experience. Knowledge of Credit analysis in addition to Credit review process in Financial Institutions.

HSF Skill Set Soft Skills: Strong analytical capabilities Excellent written in addition to oral presentation skills Ability to work independently in addition to execute projects with limited supervision Attention to detail is a must Ability to conceptualize complex financial topics Ability to build close relationships with clients to help drive new business as long as the company

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