Introduction Welcome so that PDK! Phi Delta Kappa International


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Introduction Welcome so that PDK! Phi Delta Kappa International

Barry University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Phi Delta Kappa International Welcome so that PDK! The Professional Association in Education Introduction PDK is an education association, professional in nature. Since 1906, PDK has played an influential role in education. Members are united in the belief that education is essential so that a well-functioning society. This belief is promoted through relationships alongside other like-minded educators. This collegiality is fostered at individual, chapter, regional, national, & international levels. Governance is vested in the members & the International Board. Mission Statement To promote high-quality education, in particular publicly supported education, as essential so that the development & maintenance of a democratic way of life. This mission is accomplished through leadership, research, & service in education.

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Beliefs PDK believes in publicly supported education. PDK believes that high-quality education in consideration of all is essential so that the development & maintenance of a democratic way of life. PDK believes in upholding the ethical ideals of leadership, research, & service. PDK believes that leadership should be nurtured & developed. PDK believes that a dynamic organization incorporates the needs of its members, is responsive so that the environment & trends, & changes as needed. PDK believes that diversity strengthens our association. History Highlights 1906 ? 1st chapter created, Indiana Univ. 1916 ? creation of the Phi Delta Kappan 1942 ? ?white? clause eliminated 1955 ? 1st international chapter, Univ. of Toronto 1966 ? PDK Educational Foundation created 1974 ? Women eligible in consideration of membership 1996 ? international, associate, & undergraduate student memberships approved History Highlights, continued 1999 ? changed ?fraternity? so that ?association? 2000 ? direct membership option available 2003 ? 1st national, professional development conference held in St. Louis, Missouri 2003 ? Institutional membership option available 2006 ? PDK?s centennial celebration!

Governance The International Board is the governing body. Officers of the board are elected by the professional membership. Board members consist of: president, president-elect, immediate past president, & regional representatives. Up so that three at-large representatives may be appointed by the Board. The association abides by the Constitution & Bylaws of Phi Delta Kappa International. Regional Structure The association is divided into geographic regions led by a regional representative. Each region has approximately the same number of members. Regions are composed of members, chapters, & elected officers who act so that further the mission of the association. Chapters are college, university, & community based. elected chapter/member liaisons serve as the communication link between regional representatives, chapter officers, & members. Benefits PDK provides its members with: opportunities in consideration of professional growth settings in consideration of networking & collegiality ways so that serve education & their communities! Membership also includes many benefits & provides access so that discounted services?

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Member Benefits ?Such as: The Phi Delta Kappan Journal The PDK Connection Newsletter The PDK Online Archives The PDK Annual Summit on Public Education Professional Development Training Opportunities Publications International Travel Tours Member Benefits, continued Graduate Fellowships in Educational Leadership Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards Professional Liability, Life, Health, in addition to Auto Insurance PDK Credit Card Membership Directory Just so that name a few?! Get Involved! The Annual PDK/Gallup Poll on the Public?s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools The Annual Fundraising Walk in consideration of Education The Teacher of the Year Award Future Educators Association Program Public School Forums Educational Foundation PDK is active in supporting education at a local, regional, in addition to national level. Here are some of the exciting ways your association is involved:

Professional Services Reavis Educational Resource Assistance Program District in addition to School Audits Professional Development Training Topics in addition to Trends E-Bulletin PDK supports the education community by offering professional services so that all educators, members & non-members alike: Today?s Members There are approximately 60, 000 members. There are over 600 Chapters across the world. Membership consists of all level of educators: administrators in addition to professors public school teachers in addition to university faculty graduate students Other: business/industry/professional staff/retired 94% chapter-affiliated 6% nonchapter-affiliated About Your Chapter Offers meetings, newsletters, social events, in addition to other services that keep members current on the local issues in education.

Phi Delta Kappa International Thank you in consideration of Joining PDK! The Professional Association in Education

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