Investigation & Outbreak Tools Types of Outbreak Tools Books Every Epi in addition to Disease

Investigation & Outbreak Tools Types of Outbreak Tools Books Every Epi in addition to Disease

Investigation & Outbreak Tools Types of Outbreak Tools Books Every Epi in addition to Disease

van der Linden, Page, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Investigation & Outbreak ToolsCarol M Davis, MSPH, CPH Rachel Wiseman, MPHInvasive in addition to Respiratory Vaccine-PreventableInfectious Disease Team lead Disease Team leadEmerging in addition to Acute Infectious Disease BranchInfectious Disease Control UnitTypes of Outbreak ToolsBooksWebsitesSubject Matter ExpertsMore DSHS ToolsOther ToolsBooks Every Epi in addition to Disease Investigator Should OwnControl of Communicable Diseases ManualRed BookPink BookField EpidemiologyA Dictionary of Epidemiology

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More Good BooksM in addition to ell, Douglas, in addition to Bennett’s Principles in addition to Practices of Infectious DiseasesEpidemiology, Biostatistics in addition to Preventive Medicine ReviewInfectious Disease Epidemiology Theory in addition to PracticeThe Medical DetectivesPrinciples of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice Your favorite search engine SearchR in addition to om Outbreak WebsitesFocus on Field Epidemiology Epidemiology in the Classroom IDREADY in addition to out.pdf Young Epidemiologist Scholars Program North Carolina Public Health

Subject Matter ExpertsWho to callDSHS Regional OfficesDSHS EAIDBWhen to call Have questions about response, control or investigationNeed approval as long as testing at the DSHS labNeed approval as long as prophylaxis or mass vaccination from DSHSNeed help or adviceIt is an outbreak or otherwise immediately reportable conditionExpect investigation to get media More DSHS ToolsTexas Administrative Code (TAC)Notifiable Conditions ListEpi Case Criteria GuideInvestigation in addition to Report FormsVPD/IRID Investigation GuidelinesInfluenza Surveillance H in addition to bookNBS Data Entry GuideTexas Administrative Code (TAC)2013 School Exclusion ChangesFeverDiarrheaChickenpoxConjunctivitisHead liceMumpsRingwormChanges to notifiable conditionsChanges to school

Notifiable Conditions ListChanges in 2013AdditionsAmebic meningitis in addition to encephalitisAnaplasmosisBabesiosisChagas diseaseNovel influenzaPolio, non-paralytic infectionRemovalsEncephalitis (specify)Meningitis (specify)Hep DUnspecified viral Epi Case Criteria GuideSeveral updates to reflect changes in reportable diseasesMajor case definition changes:MeaslesSARSOther changes of note:Sterile site updateInfluenza-associated pediatric mortalityCyclosporiasis Campylobacteriosis Investigation FormsChickenpox report as long as m (Jun 2012)Hib (Oct 2012)Legionella (Oct 2011)Meningococcal (Oct 2011)Mumps (Feb 2013)Ped Flu (Summer 2012)Pertussis (Mar 2012)Rash Fever Illness (Nov 2012)Streptococcal (Jul 2012)Tetanus (Nov 2012)

VPD in addition to IRID Investigation GuideSections Include:Basic EpidemiologyDefinitionsCase InvestigationManaging Special SituationsReporting in addition to Data Entry RequirementsLaboratory Procedures Feedback wanted!Sterile Sites as long as Invasive DiseaseFound in the VPD / IRID GuideTexas Influenza Surveillance H in addition to bookOutbreak Section:Why investigateOutline of a responseBasic info to collectCase definitionsLine listsEpi CurvesCase ConfirmationResources in addition to book/

NBS Data Entry GuideName changesGranulomatous Amebic Encephalitis to Amebic Meningitis, OtherPrimary amebic meningoencephalitis to Amebic meningoencephalitis, Primary (PAM)Group A Streptococcus, invasive to Streptococcus, invasive Group AGroup B Streptococcus, invasive to Streptococcus, invasive Group BNovel Influenza A Virus Infections to Influenza A, novel / variantS. aureus, coag-pos, vancomycin-resistant (VRSA) to Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA) [VISA too]Escherichia coli, Shiga toxin-producing (STEC) to Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC)Don’t as long as get to update your reports to include the new namesUserResources being revised to reflect changes in notifiable conditionsAdditional Tools What tools do you currently useWhat tools do you needFeedbackIf you have any suggestions as long as improving the VPD/IRID guidelines, please send your comments or ideas

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