Islamaphobia in addition to Identity: Experiences of second in addition to


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Islamaphobia in addition to Identity: Experiences of second in addition to

California State Polytechnic University – Pomona, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Islamaphobia in addition to Identity: Experiences of second in addition to third generation Muslim women in Preston Aims of research To explore issues of identity amongst second in addition to third generation Muslim women in Preston. And so that assess how these clash alongside dominant stereotypes. Research Background Research in addition to Teaching Background ?Stop the War? Involvement Local Community Relations

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Research methodology Qualitative research Semi-structured interviews Focus groups Profile of participants Preston profile 14 participants so far Professional in addition to work backgrounds Preliminary Findings Islamaphobia post-9/11 A community under siege Reassessing ?Muslim perspectives? ? religious in addition to political elements Women, ?the veil? in addition to oppression

Hijab This is the headscarf, that covers the head in addition to is fixed alongside a brooch at the back of the head. Niqab This is the “face veil.” It has ties, a velcro closure, or snaps which go OVER the hijab in addition to around the back of the head. Burq’a This covers everything ? hands, feet, in addition to face. The face part features a lattice work grill that allows the woman so that breath in addition to see.

Introduction in addition to Background In civil engineering in addition to geotechnical engineering, dry density of soil in addition to water content of soil are two parameters used in consideration of construction control. They are usually measured using a radiation source alongside a known particle emission rate in addition to a sensor placed so that intercept particles traveling through the soil. Although 90% of the US market uses this technology, it is costly in addition to hazardous. An alternate approach is so that measure electrical properties (dielectric constant, conductivity, etc.) using time domain reflectometry (TDR). The soil parameters of interest are then calculated from the electrical parameters. Time Domain R eflectometry in consideration of S oil Properties Sub-team: Measurement of Average Soil Temperature Prof. V.P. Drnevich , Prof. J. V. Krogmeier ; Members: Aaron Fulton, Yuang Chen, Qiyue Zhao, Qingxuan Li, Ruohao Zou , Shakib Reza Current Topic: Perfect the technology in consideration of estimating soil temperature from measurements on spikes Find a model so that determine relationship between temperatures measured on protruding portion of spike so that average temperature along the spike embedment. Use model so that determine average soil temperature from measurements before equilibrium occurs. – Develop software (Android App.) so that make the calculations in addition to report the temperature. TDR Voltage Signal The TDR device will send a step voltage in addition to the voltage will be reflected when a impedance mismatch occurs. A graph of voltage vs. travel length will be produced by the device so that the user. Previous research has shown the soil parameters are highly correlated so that the shape of the trace , a nd has developed an algorithm so that fit the trace in addition to estimate the soil parameters. Equipment For Measurement Pipe Clamp Thermocouple NI Thermocouple Measurement Data Logger USB

Preliminary analysis Identities ? External in addition to Internal Factors Multiple Identities Religion in addition to Oppression Relevance in consideration of welfare professionals Cultural awareness Anti-discriminatory practice

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