iStart Basics US Visa System J-1 Scholar Employee J1 Exchange Visitor e- as long as m Applicant In as long as mation Page

iStart Basics US Visa System J-1 Scholar Employee J1 Exchange Visitor e- as long as m Applicant In as long as mation Page

iStart Basics US Visa System J-1 Scholar Employee J1 Exchange Visitor e- as long as m Applicant In as long as mation Page

Bragg, Georgi, Investigative Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal iStart BasicsUsing online e- as long as m servicesOffice of International ServicesSpring, 2009US Visa SystemNon-Immigrant Visa StatusB1/B2 in addition to WB/WTF-1 StudentJ-1 StudentJ-1 Research Scholar J-2 SpouseH-1B Specialty Occupation O-1 Extraordinary TN Treaty NAFTAE-3 Specialty Occupation Australia Employment categories requiring iStart e- as long as m in addition to /or OIS submission of a petition to the immigration serviceiStart login pageDepartments login using Administrative Services linkDepartmental LoginStudent in addition to Scholar Login

Haramaya University ET

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Under Departmental Services choose the type of e- as long as m you need to submitJ1 ScholarJ1 ExtensionH1B EmployeeH1B ExtensionPermanent ResidenceJ-1 Scholar EmployeeResearch Scholar or Professor valid up to 5 yearsShort-term Scholar valid up to 6 monthsCan be part-timeJ-2 dependent can apply as long as work authorizationEmployer specificNot as long as tenure or tenure-track appointments2-Year Home Residency Requirement12 month in addition to 24 month bar on repeat participationJ1 Exchange Visitor e- as long as mUniversity IDApplicant’s date of birthCampus

Applicant InfoDependentsProgram InfoFinancial InfoDepartment Compliance CertificateApplicant In as long as mation PageBasic Biographical In as long as mationCan give applicant email access to this pageProgram In as long as mation PageInclude specific info about the IU program including:Category of visitorField of studyStart in addition to end datesCampus addressHealth insurance infoFaculty host contact info

Financial In as long as mation PageSpecific in as long as mation about the source of funding as long as the length of the scholar’s program including funding as long as dependents if applicableIU fundingUS GovernmentInternational organizationHome governmentPersonal fundsDepartmental Compliance PageContact info as long as department chair or faculty hostCheck boxes: Confirmation that additional materials will be sent to OISThe visitor will attend an orientation upon arrivalRestriction on shared technologiesH-1B Specialty Occupation EmployeeSix year maximumPortabilityEmployer-specificJob must require a bachelor’s degreeDepartment of Labor component may cause salary issuesDepartmental fees in addition to premium processing optionH-4 cannot workH-1B Cap

H-1B e- as long as m ApplicationH-1B Applicant InfoDepartment ContactIn as long as mation about the PositionActual WageWage Justification Departmental CompliancePosition In as long as mation PagePosition NumberPosition TitleSalary Plan in addition to Grade CodesOffered SalaryFTE PercentageRequested Start/End DatesBrief Position DescriptionImmediate Supervisor InfoPosition Requirements: degree, experience, training, otherActual Wage PageFour comparison positionsDepartmentJob Title SalaryRank CodeAccount Number

Wage Justification PageJustification of salary differences as long as like positionsExperienceQualificationsEducationJob Responsibility in addition to FunctionSpecialized KnowledgeOther factorsCompliance PageQuestions in addition to AnswersOffice of International Services306 Franklin HallBloomington IN 47405ph. 812.855.9086fx. 812.855.4418 SnyderAssistant Director, Scholar

Bragg, Georgi WAFF-TV Investigative Reporter

Bragg, Georgi Investigative Reporter

Bragg, Georgi is from United States and they belong to WAFF-TV and they are from  Huntsville, United States got related to this Particular Journal. and Bragg, Georgi deal with the subjects like Investigative Reporting; Special Assignment

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