ITRP Linear Collider Technology Recommendation Barry Barish

ITRP Linear Collider Technology Recommendation Barry Barish

ITRP Linear Collider Technology Recommendation Barry Barish

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Departing from Korea Why ITRP Two parallel developments over the past few years (the science & the technology) The precision in as long as mation from LEP in addition to other data have pointed to a low mass Higgs; Underst in addition to ing electroweak symmetry breaking, whether supersymmetry or an alternative, will require precision measurements. There are strong arguments as long as the complementarity between a ~0.5-1.0 TeV LC in addition to the LHC science. Designs in addition to technology demonstrations have matured on two technical approaches as long as an e+e- collider that are well matched to our present underst in addition to ing of the physics. (We note that a C-b in addition to option could have been adequate as long as a 500 GeV machine, if NLC/GLC in addition to TESLA were not deemed mature designs). Why Decide Technology Now We have an embarrassment of riches !!!! Two alternate designs – “warm” in addition to “cold” have come to the stage where the show stoppers have been eliminated in addition to the concepts are well understood. R & D is very expensive (especially D) in addition to to move to the “next step” (being ready to construct such a machine within about 5 years) will require more money in addition to a concentration of resources, organization in addition to a worldwide ef as long as t. It is too expensive in addition to too wasteful to try to do this as long as both technologies. A major step toward a decision to construct a new machine will be enabled by uniting behind one technology, followed by a making a final global design based on the recommended technology. The final construction decision in ~5 years will be able to fully take into account early LHC in addition to other physics developments.

The ITRP Members Jean-Eudes Augustin (FRANCE) Jonathan Bagger (USA) Barry Barish (USA) – Chair Giorgio Bellettini (ITALY) Paul Grannis (USA) Norbert Holtkamp (USA) George Kalmus (UK) Gyung-Su Lee (KOREA) Akira Masaike (JAPAN) Katsunobu Oide (JAPAN) Volker Soergel (GERMANY) Hirotaka Sugawara (JAPAN) David Plane – Scientific Secretary The Charge to the International Technology Recommendation Panel General Considerations The International Technology Recommendation Panel (the Panel) should recommend a Linear Collider (LC) technology to the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC). On the assumption that a linear collider construction commences be as long as e 2010 in addition to given the assessment by the ITRC that both TESLA in addition to JLC-X/NLC have rather mature conceptual designs, the choice should be between these two designs. If necessary, a solution incorporating C-b in addition to technology should be evaluated. Note – We have interpreted our charge as being to recommend a technology, rather than choose a design How ITRP has Approached its Task Six Meetings RAL (Jan 27,28 2004) DESY (April 5,6 2004) SLAC (April 26,27 2004) KEK (May 25,26 2004) Caltech (June 28,29,30 2004) Korea (August 11,12,13) Tutorial in addition to Planning Site Visits Deliberations Conclusion

Our Process We studied in addition to evaluated a large amount of available materials We made site visits to DESY, KEK in addition to SLAC to listen to presentations on the competing technologies in addition to to see the test facilities first-h in addition to . We have also heard presentations on both C-b in addition to in addition to CLIC technologies We interacted with the community at LC workshops, individually in addition to through various communications we received We developed a set of evaluation criteria (a matrix) in addition to had each proponent answer a related set of questions to facilitate our evaluations. We assigned lots of internal homework to help guide our discussions in addition to evaluations Can be found at: Evaluating the Criteria Matrix We analyzed the technology choice through studying a matrix having six general categories with specific items under each: the scope in addition to parameters specified by the ILCSC; technical issues; cost issues; schedule issues; physics operation issues; in addition to more general considerations that reflect the impact of the LC on science, technology in addition to society We evaluated each of these categories with the help of answers to our “questions to the proponents,” internal assignments in addition to reviews, plus our own discussions What did we do We each traveled at least 75,000 miles We read approximately 3000 pages We had continuing interactions with the community in addition to with each other We gave up a good part of our “normal day jobs” as long as about six months We had almost 100% attendance by all members at all meetings We worked incredibly hard to “turn over every rock” we could find.

The Recommendation We recommend that the linear collider be based on superconducting rf technology (from Exec. Summary) This recommendation is made with the underst in addition to ing that we are recommending a technology, not a design. We expect the final design to be developed by a team drawn from the combined warm in addition to cold linear collider communities, taking full advantage of the experience in addition to expertise of both (from the Executive Summary). We submit the Executive Summary today to ILCSC & ICFA Details of the assessment will be presented in the body of the ITRP report to be published around mid September The superconducting technology has features that tipped the balance in its favor. They follow in part from the low rf frequency. Some of the Features of SC Technology The large cavity aperture in addition to long bunch interval reduce the complexity of operations, reduce the sensitivity to ground motion, permit inter-bunch feedback in addition to may enable increased beam current. The main linac rf systems, the single largest technical cost elements, are of comparatively lower risk. The construction of the superconducting XFEL free electron laser will provide prototypes in addition to test many aspects of the linac. The industrialization of most major components of the linac is underway. The use of superconducting cavities significantly reduces power consumption. Both technologies have wider impact beyond particle physics. The superconducting rf technology has applications in other fields of accelerator-based research, while the X-b in addition to rf technology has applications in medicine in addition to other areas. Remarks in addition to Next Steps CLIC, C-B in addition to , GLC/NLC in addition to TESLA researchers have done a fantastic job bringing these technologies to the point where we can move as long as ward toward making a next generation linear collider a reality. We especially want to note the importance of the the work that has been done on the warm technology. We need to fully capitalize on the experience from SLC, FFTB, ATF in addition to TTF as we move as long as ward. The range of systems from sources to beam delivery in a LC is so broad that an optimized design can only emerge by pooling the expertise of all participants. We endorse the ef as long as t now underway to establish an international model as long as the design, engineering, industrialization in addition to construction of the linear collider. Formulating that model in consultation with governments is an immediate priority. Strong central management will be critical from the beginning.

Remarks in addition to Next Steps The linear collider will be designed to begin operation at 500 GeV, with a capability as long as an upgrade to about 1 TeV, as the physics requires. This capability is an essential feature of the design. There as long as e we urge that part of the global R&D in addition to design ef as long as t be focused on increasing the ultimate collider energy to the maximum extent feasible. (from Exec Summary) A TeV scale electron-positron linear collider is an essential part of a gr in addition to adventure that will provide new insights into the structure of space, time, matter in addition to energy. We believe that the technology as long as achieving this goal is now in h in addition to , in addition to that the prospects as long as its success are extraordinarily bright. (from Exec Summary)

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