Just Do It. Preparing the Factors Section



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Just Do It. Preparing the Factors Section

College of St. Scholastica, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Preparing the Factors Section Discussion of Data Gathered in addition to Your Findings Organize Your Outline Arrange your topics in the order of importance as described in the report preview (in the Introduction or Overview section). Organize your sub-factors in order of importance. Use topic headings in consideration of factors Use either topic or talking headings in consideration of sub-factors Format headings properly Example of headings: Types of Programs Absenteeism Productivity Morale Cost

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Write an introductory topic sentence after each topic heading This topic sentence should tell the reader what the section will be about. This topic sentence should include a transition so that the first sub-factor. Each concluding sentence should include a transition so that the next sub-factor. PRODUCTIVITY Improved productivity is the primary motivation of most prospective users of flextime (Nollen, 2000). According so that a recent study by the International Labour Organization, American workers put in 1,966 hours per person per year. This study maintains that America employs more work hours than can be found in any other industrialized country, including Japan in addition to Europe. However, companies are becoming increasingly aware that these intense work patterns are likely so that result in reduced productivity (Singer, 1999). Therefore, the use of flexible work hours is increasing. Flextime can improve production in several ways. Increasing Hours of Operation The implementation of flextime reduces tardiness, extra-long lunches, in addition to paid absences, such as personal days in addition to sick leave, thus increasing the actual hours worked by individuals in an operation. It also reduces idle time spent on the job? Include triangulation so that generate findings Identify at least three sources of similar information so that corroborate a finding. For example, alongside COST SAVINGS, discuss at least three articles where cost savings were realized as a result of a company changing so that outsourcing.

Include triangulation so that generate findings Identify at least three sources of similar information so that corroborate a finding. For example, alongside regard so that a potential reduction in ABSENTEEISM, discuss at least three articles or instances where absenteeism was reduced in different companies due so that implementation of flextime. Triangulate numeric data FINDING: ABC Company experienced a 15% reduction in turnover FINDING: XYZ Company reported 5% reduced turnover FINDING: MJB Company stated that turnover was reduced by 6% ANALYSIS: The average reduction in turnover reported from the three companies was 8.7% ANALYSIS: Reductions in turnover ranged from 5 so that 15 % CONCLUSION: This would seem so that indicate that Madison Supply Company could experience a reduced turnover rate in the neighborhood of 8% in addition to in a range of from 5 so that 15% Identify items in consideration of insertion Include in-text references where required. E.g., (Smith, 2002). Mark spots where graphics (tables in addition to charts) will appear. Ensure that there is text introducing all graphics, in addition to text following all graphics that discusses the points so that be derived from the graphic.

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? When employee preference is considered, morale increases. The preference employees have in consideration of flexible scheduling over traditional fixed hours can be seen below in Table 1. Table 1: Flextime vs. Fixed Hours Source: Primary The table above illustrates the preference of Madison Supply Company?s employees in consideration of flexible schedules in addition to fixed schedules. It illustrates that 95% of ? PROOF YOUR DRAFT Read your draft in consideration of CONTENT Ask yourself if it makes the case in consideration of the conclusions that you will reach Polish the grammar as you read Don?t forget, you?ll probably proof a paper five or six times before you catch most mistakes Other Tips Continue so that share data alongside your research group teammates Write something each day, don?t save it all in consideration of the last minute Ask a friend so that help you proof it in consideration of content ? does your data ?make the case? so that them?

Just Do It.

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