Laying the Ground Work as long as Critical ThinkingIUPUI Fort WayneDeveloped by Profess

Laying the Ground Work as long as Critical ThinkingIUPUI Fort WayneDeveloped by Profess

Laying the Ground Work as long as Critical ThinkingIUPUI Fort WayneDeveloped by Profess

Joseph, Elizabeth, News & Events Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Laying the Ground Work as long as Critical ThinkingIUPUI Fort WayneDeveloped by Professor Terry DoyleFerris State UniversityQuestion1. What critical thinking skills do we teach because we can’t teach them all 1. What critical thinking skills are most used in the work/professional areas that your students are being educated as long as .Question 2. What thinking skills can students learn on their own 1. What critical thinking skills are learned from just being in college in addition to having access to the world wide web of knowledge

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Question 3.What is the best use of our timeWhat teaching actions- activities, assignments in addition to assessments best facilitate students’ learning critical thinking skills Part OneMyths in addition to Errors about LearningYou Are not a Right or Left Brain Thinker The human brain works as a complex design of integrated systems not through specialized in addition to competing right in addition to left brain functions. (Tokuhama-Espinosa, Mind Brain in addition to Education Science, 2011

The Human BrainComplex mental tasks in addition to behaviors in addition to even simple task result from a complex coordination of activity in multiple brain regions including both the right in addition to left hemispheres.(Rekart, 2013)Example of Hemisphere ActivityBoth hemispheres are activated when sensory images that have a name in addition to can be easily called to mind( familiar people). (Kelley et al 1998)Guiding Students about Learning Styles.”there is no adequate evidence base to justify incorporating learning styles assessments into general educational practice Limited education resources would better be devoted to adopting other educational practices that have a strong evidence base.” (Pashler et al, 2009:105)

Guiding Students Learning StylesIn a 2012 synthesis by John Hattie, of years of educational research on what enhances student learning he suggest- “One of the more fruitless pursuits is labeling students with learning styles.” Guiding Students about Learning StylesWe are all visual in addition to auditory learners—evolution made certain of it.Advocating a tactile/ kinestic style of learning is a mistake. The direct connectivity found in the visual in addition to auditory centers of the brain are not found in the tactile modality. (Goswami, 2006)Guiding Students about Learning Styles Neither the somatosensory cortices (which process touch) nor the cerebellum (motor learning) would produce the kind of long term memories desired in school.(Rekart, 2013)

Multitasking in addition to Learning92% of college students multitask while in class. Undergraduate college students reported using their devices as long as non-class purposes an average of 11 times during class each day.(McCoy, 2013 Journal of Media Education)Multitasking in addition to LearningText messaging, specifically, dominated as the students’ top activity with 86 percent of students admitting to texting throughout class times.(McCoy, 2013)Multitasking in addition to Learning2011 study explored the perception on how often a person thinks they are multitasking in a 30 minute period while reading— Subjects guessed 15 Actual 123 times(Brasel in addition to Gips, 2011)

Multitasking in addition to LearningMultitasking decreases mental resources needed as long as new learning in addition to study.(Just, Carpenter Keller, Emery, Zajac in addition to Thulborm 2001),The amount of brain activation in the areas needed as long as new learning is much less then when a single task is being learned.( Newman Kellert in addition to Just 2007)Multitasking in addition to LearningMultitasking recruits brain regions as long as habit making not as long as higher learning.(Foerde, knowlton Poldrask, 2006Multitasking in addition to LearningHeavy multitasking shortens attention spans.It modifies cognitive in addition to neurological behaviors.(Ophir, Nass in addition to Wagner, 2009)

Multitasking in addition to LearningIt gives value to all stimuli so distractibility increases. (Ophir, Nass in addition to Wagner 2009)Part Two Research on Critical Thinking Students’ ability in addition to willingness to think critically are most likely to develop when knowledge acquisition in addition to thinking about content are intertwined rather than sequential.Richard PaulResearch on Cognitive ReadinessThe prefrontal cortex—the CEO of the brain takes a long time to fully mature—often not until age 25. (Goldberg, The Executive Brain:Frontal Lobes in addition to Civilized Mind, 2001)

Research on Cognitive ReadinessThe ability of undergraduates to do high levels of critical thinking is not supported by research findings.Research on Cognitive ReadinessIn one of the most important studies done on the level of cognitive development that occur during college found Half of sophomores in addition to close to eighty percent of juniors in addition to seniors were transitional knower’s. Only the second stage of cognitive development. (Baxter Magolda,Knowing in addition to Reasoning in College: Gender-Related Patterns in Students’ Intellectual Development,1992) Part Three Making Thinking Visible

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Making Thinking Visible Our findings argue that everyday thinking may suffer more from just plain missing the opportunities to think than from poor thinking skills. (Perkins, Tishman, Ritchhart, Donis, & Andrade, 2000; Perkins & Tishman, 2001).Making Thinking VisibleUse the language of thinking (Tishman & Perkins, 1997). Integrate terms like hypothesis, reason, evidence, possibility, imagination, perspective, assumption, bias. Routine use of such words in a natural intuitive way helps students catch on to the nuances of thinking.premise, conclusions, inductive, deductive, assumptionsMaking Thinking VisibleBe a model of thoughtfulness as long as one’s students. Be a teachers who does not expect instant answers, who display their own honest uncertainties, who take a moment to think about “What if” or “What if not” or “How else could this be done” or “What’s the other side of the case“

Getting Started with Critical ThinkingOne thinking routine that is useful in many settings involves two key questions:What’s going on hereWhat do you see that makes you say so (Tishman, 2002)What’s going on hereGetting Started with Critical ThinkingThis pair of questions asks students in in as long as mal language as long as interpretations in addition to supporting reasons. Responses can be labeled as hypotheses in addition to support as long as their hypotheses as reasons.Getting Started with Critical ThinkingDiscussions can also address the difference between facts, opinions in addition to in as long as med opinions.

Barriers Broken DownThe use of cognitive dissonance in addition to social dissonance to confront barriers.Introduce new ideas that directly conflict with person’s world view.BibliographyBarratt, J. (2009, August 10). A Plea as long as More Critical Thinking in Design, Please . Retrieved September 5, 2009, from Fast Company:, Judith. THINK Critical Thinking in addition to Logic Skills as long as Everyday Life, 2010. McGraw Hill, New York, NYGrotzer, T. A. (1996). Teaching Thinking Skills: Does It Add Up as long as Math in addition to Science Learning Retrieved September 7, 2009, from Project Zero Harvard Graduate School of Education:, M. L., & Jones, R. (2009, 6 15). Critical Thinking. Retrieved September 6, 2009, from Special Libraries Association:, B. (2007, March 30). Become a Critical Thinker. Retrieved September 6, 2009, from Genius Types: as long as d University Press USA. (2009, July 13). Questions That Critical Thinking Will Help You Answer. Retrieved September 6, 2009, from OUPblog:, R. (1992, April). Critical Thinking: Basic Questions & Answers. Retrieved September 4, 2009, from Foundation as long as Critical Thinking: (2009, September). Skills as long as Educators: Use of Critical Thinking Skills to Analyze Health Disparities. Retrieved September 7, 2009, from Resource Center as long as Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention:, S. (2005, 5 30). The Path to Critical Thinking. Retrieved September 7, 2009, from Harvard Business School Working Knowledge as long as Business Leaders: 1Surrey Community College. (2005). Why Critical Thinking Retrieved September 7, 2009, from Surry Community College: Thinking: Basic Theory in addition to Instructional Structures. Foundation as long as Critical Thinking, 1999

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