LCLS Drive Laser Shaping Experiments A. Brachmann, R. Coffee, D. Reis, D. Dowell

LCLS Drive Laser Shaping Experiments A. Brachmann, R. Coffee, D. Reis, D. Dowell

LCLS Drive Laser Shaping Experiments A. Brachmann, R. Coffee, D. Reis, D. Dowell

Erdos, Irv, Freelance Columnist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal LCLS Drive Laser Shaping Experiments A. Brachmann, R. Coffee, D. Reis, D. Dowell And the LCLS Physics Team SLAC National Accelerator Lab FEL09 Conference Liverpool, Engl in addition to August 2009 Description of the LCLS Injector in addition to the Experiment Experimental Results Heuristic Model of the Emittance Growth Summary & Conclusions The LCLS Injector with Diagnostics Location of Injector Diagnostics Projected emittance at 1 nC Nominal Operating Parameters Gain Length & Extraction Measurements ~1.5 km The Seven Laser Shapes

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Summary of Experimental Results The Gain Length vs. Emittance The emittances were measured at 250 pC in addition to 135 MeV. The FEL gain lengths are as long as lasing at 1.5 Angstroms with an electron beam energy of 13.63 GeV. Radial electric field outside the tube/beamlet of charge: Basic Assumptions of Model Charge is distributed in a regular array of tubes, beamlets. Beamlets see radial space charge as long as ce until they overlap. After overlapping the sc- as long as ce becomes small, the electrons are left with radial velocity which becomes emittance. Beam consists of a rectangular array of beamlets, each driven outward by their radial space charge as long as ce Integrate to get energy gain of electron at radial edge of beamlet: Gives the emittance due to the rectangular array of beamlets: A Simple Model as long as the Emittance Growth

For 180 mesh, the emittance will be 180/50= 3.6 times smaller: Simple Model Compared to the Expt. Projected Emittance (microns) 1.8 Nominal Emittance GPT Simulation Shows Beamlet Expansion in Early Life of the Beam Bagel Laser Shape 50 Mesh Laser Shape GPT: General Particle Tracer, Pulsar Physics, Summary in addition to Conclusions Measured Emittance in addition to FEL Per as long as mance at 1.5 A as long as rectangular grid in addition to radial symmetric laser transverse shapes. Found most uni as long as m shape gives the lowest emittance in addition to shortest gain length. Derived model as long as emittance growth based on radial expansion of beamlets driven by space charge as long as ce. Using this model, derived relation as long as emittance due to regular rectangular pattern. Reasonable agreement with measurements. Model can be extended to other radial shapes. Comparison with GPT simulation indicates most growth occurs during expansion during ~10s of ps. Particle tracking simulations using GPT are in progress.

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