Learning from the project Context in addition to background Process Roll out in addition to sustainability Master trainers

Learning from the project Context in addition to background Process Roll out in addition to sustainability Master trainers www.phwiki.com

Learning from the project Context in addition to background Process Roll out in addition to sustainability Master trainers

Estes, Tracy, News Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Learning from the projectBecoming a teacher educator in South AfricaTo train a small group of master trainers to deliver an Edexcel qualification (level 4) PTLLS plus assessor awardWorked with Pearsons, OLG (private training organisation) Rustenburg CollegeContext in addition to backgroundOLG chose the 6 master trainersthe College sent three heads of department to “provide context”22week blocks to deliver in addition to assess the master trainers – 2 months between themVisit from an EV during the second blockProcess

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Roll out in addition to sustainability2 1 week blocks to deliver in addition to assess at Rustenburg college30 lecturers in range of subjectsSupported by material created from our sessions in addition to in-country sourced documentation by a writer working as long as PearsonsChange of role as long as the team from trainer to coach9 trainers3 were engineering heads of department at the College: Dorothy, Lucky in addition to Zac2 worked as long as OLG full-time: Rochelle (project manager) in addition to Lucas (maths)4 were independent:Sipho (HR consultant)Trevor (accountancy)Lance (social science)Benjamin (can’t remember)Master trainersPolitical contextMultilingual in addition to tribalThe South African vocational education systemResource issuesTransferability of principles in addition to practicesNegotiating the context

LaughterWorking togetherLearning that the challenges in addition to the rewards were the sameLearning about a different system in addition to seeing more clearly the strengths in addition to weaknesses of our ownjoysBrilliant!This course has taught me to:Differentiate learnersHow to make a teaching in addition to learning session interesting in addition to memorablePlace more emphasis on good as long as mative assessmentThe importance of ice breaking in making the environment conducive to learningWhen I return to teaching I want to give the learners a plat as long as m to explore other things than their academic sideFeedbackSustainabilityOnly 2 trainers stuck with it to the endContract by private partnerWe ‘heard’ about the lack of remunerationLack of clarity from the start about logisticsBut also had we motivated in addition to prepared them well enough as long as their new roleIssues

Helen Colley et al, “Learning as Becoming”“Teaching in addition to learning are primarily social in addition to cultural rather than individual in addition to technical activities” (p472)VET curricula tend to emphasise “acquisition of skills” in addition to be outcome focussedCreation of new identity is not consideredOther literature – individual is “absorbed” into culture in addition to practices in the workplaceBecoming a teacher educatorLave in addition to Wenger – learning as participation –social participation is key in addition to enables newcomers to learn from experienced practitionersThis process enables individuals to “become” a plumber, beauty therapist etcVocational Departments in FE colleges have specific cultures in addition to behaviours – do these replicate those in their allied work environmentsCommunity of PracticeQuestion asked by research:What makes learners feel they are suitable as long as particular jobsQuestion as long as the projectWere teachers/trainers picked who were ‘ready as long as ’ or “suitable as long as ” transition to teacher trainerWhat criteria would you useQuestion 1

Question asked by researchHow does their sense of identity changeQuestion as long as the projectDid we promote this changeWhat signs should we have been looking as long as How could we have enabled them to rehearse be as long as e putting into action the Question 2Co-construction of teaching in addition to learningcreate an icebreaker, deliver it, evaluatePresent how you will apply .Similar to VET“vocational learning is actively co-constructed by teachers in addition to students, determined in part by the dominant structures of thought that prevail in particular employment structures”What would these be as long as PCETStrategies usedDorothy, Zak in addition to Lucky (3 Heads of Dept from the College) did not see themselves as teacher trainers initiallyIt became an aspiration as long as 2 out of 3 of themAll 3 participated in the first week of training but struggled to do the secondOne OLG trainer, Lucas, did both weeks but still defined himself as a maths teacher; did not develop at that point the necessary confidence (or skills)Rochelle had a babyBen did the first week, but not the second in addition to avoided marking – he remained elusive there as long as eSipho in addition to Lance disappeared but Martin in touch with Lance on facebook Trevor has “become” a teacher educator – see feedbackAnd what about the group

Always be involved in selection process in addition to be clear about criteriaAsk to see contracts of staff involved if the project required on-going commitmentWork out the logistics from the startAlways work in pairs at the startCheck feedback if they are assessingTeach to the end goal, not the syllabusLessons learnedMay God Almighty bless in addition to grow you guys older in addition to more smarter.

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