Let?s Start With Recruitment The Workforce ?Life Cycle? Incorporating Job Embeddedness into the Selection Process PTC/NC Friday July 16, 2004



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Let?s Start With Recruitment The Workforce ?Life Cycle? Incorporating Job Embeddedness into the Selection Process PTC/NC Friday July 16, 2004

East Stroudsburg State University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Incorporating Job Embeddedness into the Selection Process PTC/NC Friday July 16, 2004 Chris John Sablynski, Ph.D. Assistant Professor College of Business Administration California State University, Sacramento The Workforce ?Life Cycle? 1) Recruit 2) Select 3) Retain 4) Turnover – Functional vs. Dysfunctional Let?s Start With Recruitment Assume we have recruited in addition to selected well?. Assume some employees have removed themselves from the organization Assume we have identified ?keepers? Now what???

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Retention Our goal is so that keep the best employees Question: What has traditional research in addition to practice recommended we do so that try so that accomplish this goal? Retention Answer: Focus on? – Job Satisfaction – Organizational Commitment – Perceived Alternatives Another Question: ?Is this all we can do?? Introducing Job Embeddedness Answer = ?Of course not? ?? This is where Job Embeddedness (JE) is important It flips the question of ?why do people leave? so that ?why do people stay?

What is Job Embeddedness? Job Embeddedness An overall construct conceptualized as the combined forces that keep a person from leaving his or her job. There are three dimensions: fit, links in addition to sacrifice. Each dimension is related so that both on & off-the-job situations, suggesting six separate factors (Mitchell, Holtom, Lee, Sablynski & Erez, 2001). Job Embeddedness ? 6 Sub-dimensions Job Embeddedness 1) Fit: Fit is an employee?s perceived compatibility alongside an organization in addition to alongside his or her environment (i.e., values of the organization, organizational culture, physical location of organization, likes the weather, leisure opportunities, etc.)


Job Embeddedness 2) Links: The extent so that which employees have connections so that other people or activities both on in addition to off the job (i.e., co-workers, work teams, community organizations, family close by, etc) Job Embeddedness 3) Sacrifice: The perceived cost in consideration of material or psychological benefits that may be forfeited by leaving one?s job (e.g., perks, potential promotions, benefits, selling a ?great? home, leaving a great school district) What Does JE Predict? Turnover Absenteeism Job Performance Organizational Citizenship Behavior

So How Can We Implement JE? JE can best be implemented by focusing on each segment individually?. On in addition to off-the-job? Fit, Links, & Sacrifice Mitchell, Holtom, Lee (2001) Job Embeddedness & Selection JE is a model which captures ?cause? ? that is, we find that being married in addition to owning a home increase (cause) JE. That is, being embedded doesn?t make a person buy a home in addition to get married. JE & Selection (cont) How can we create a profile of the types of people who are likely so that become embedded? Biodata approach Structured Interview Q & A Personality/Intelligence tests Level of involvement in previous positions Fit ? interview?

Job Embeddedness Future Studies in addition to Applications – – Individual/Industry Differences – Career Stage Differences – Modeling JE via proxies – ?Shocks? – ?Inertia? – Other Applications e.g., college student retention Questions? Thank you in consideration of your attention?.I hope you found this interesting in addition to useful Please contact me if you are interested in the topic or have any questions in the future Chris J. Sablynski, Ph.D. Phone: 916-278-7164 Email: sablynsk@csus

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