LGBT Diversity Leadership Group Introductions Objective Agenda Ground Rules

LGBT Diversity Leadership Group Introductions Objective Agenda Ground Rules

LGBT Diversity Leadership Group Introductions Objective Agenda Ground Rules

Thornton, Carla, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal LGBT Diversity Leadership Wendra Foster, MT(ASCP) Ball State University, October 29, 2010 Group Introductions Introduce yourself to the group in addition to include: Wendra (Wendy) Foster Assoc Consultant,CDS LillyGLEAM Co-Chair One thing you hope to take away from today’s discussion Objective Increase underst in addition to ing/awareness of the impact of equality as long as all employees on Employee experience in the workplace Customers/Clients

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Agenda Awareness of LGBT Issues Awareness of Workplace Issues Right Here, Right Now Action Plan Ground Rules Listen with respect Respect confidentiality Speak to the group rather than in side conversations Speak from your own experience Respect as long as each individual’s experiences Ask permission of another group member be as long as e you ask them a question No pressure to disclose sexual orientation or gender identity Others we should include Why We’re Here Today

Phobias & -Isms Homophobia, biphobia, transphobia in addition to heterosexism Assume heterosexuality in addition to con as long as ming to traditional gender roles Lesbian, gay, bisexual in addition to transgender issues are not discussed LGBT identified employees may spend time in addition to energy hiding Many employees who could be allies not sure if it is “OK” to ask or fear they will “say the wrong thing.” Myths & Stereotypes A myth is a false belief or a set of ideas in addition to stories surrounding a particular phenomenon, concept, or group A stereotype is a simplified in addition to /or st in addition to ardized conception or image with specific meaning, often held in common by people about another group Myths & Stereotypes Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender

I Don’t Tell People I’m Straight LGBT Employees in the Workplace Who is LGBT According to the U.S. 2000 Census Based on US 200 Source: The Williams Institute ( & FACT: 94% of 590 CEI reporting companies offer Domestic Partner benefits – 2010 CEI Report

Can you be fired as long as being LGBT FACT: 61% heterosexual & 29% LGBT not aware that there are no federal protections protecting LGBT employment – 2008 Out & Equal Workplace Survey In the US, besides being fired Impact on same sex couples: May not have access to health care benefits as long as partner/partner’s children No COBRA health care coverage as long as partner No Social Security, pension, 401k benefits No surviving spouse, parent, child benefits Federal programs are not available FACT: 79% heterosexual adults agree how you do job is st in addition to ard, not sexual orientation – 2008 Out & Equal Workplace Survey

Domestic Partnership Domestic Partnership Laws in addition to Policies Committed relationships Provides access to some rights in addition to benefits Domestic Partner benefits may include: Health insurance, family leave, pension plans What is the process as long as indicating employees have a domestic partner Is it the same as long as opposite sex partners FACT: Of the 268 of the Fortune 500 companies rated in the CEI, 123 had 100% ratings! 2010 CEI Report findings Fiscal Impact: Is Equal Really Equal The Williams Institute – Dec 2007 Is equal really equal Family Leave (FMLA) – 12 weeks of unpaid, protected job leave Sick or Bereavement Leave to take care of partner or partner’s children (in as long as mal) Time off as long as Adoption/Child Birth Domestic partner program “residency” requirements Relocation support as long as partner Family Impact FACT: 75% heterosexual adults feel same sex partners should receive leave when they lose a partner. 2008 Out & Equal Workplace Survey

Health Impact: Is equal really equal Benefits as long as Transgender Employees Basic health Insurance Transition First step – hormone therapy, required psychotherapy, voice training, electrolysis etc. Second step – sex reassignment surgery, leave Cost to insurer pool as long as coverage Coverage in San Francisco after 4 years shows no additional costs to insurers San Francisco City Council Report FACT: Only 8% of companies reporting on the CEI have surgical coverage as long as transgender employees. 2010 CEI Report What About Indiana 2010 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) from Human Rights Campaign (HRC) 3 companies with 100% rating Laws in addition to Legislation Marriage/Adoption SJR7 in addition to SJR15 Hate Crimes Equal Employment Opportunity-example provides equal opportunity to all students in addition to applicants as long as admission in its education programs, activities, in addition to facilities without regard to race, religion, color, sex (except where sex is a bona fide qualification), sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, national origin, ancestry, or age.

When they hear Degrees of Equality Report, 2009 The Business Case as long as LGBT Equality So What LGBT Equality in your workplace matters as long as : Recruiting Retention & Per as long as mance Diversity of Ideas & Talents/Product Development Marketing in addition to Sales Advocacy/Sector Leadership/Corporate Responsibility

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Recruiting Recruiting the best Corporate Social Responsibility – benchmark Criteria as long as LGBT Employees Reputation Corporate Equality Index (CEI) Benefit Package DP benefits Transgender Health benefits FACT: 85% 0f Fortune 500 companies offer DP benefits; 61% of Fortune 100 offer transgender benefits. HRC State of the Workplace (2007-2008) Retention & Per as long as mance Leaving a job 1 Reason to Leave – negative relationship Replace employee costs 150% of annual salary Successful Per as long as mers: Are in the right job – right skills, talents & interests Underst in addition to the organization’s mission/values Are valued as long as their unique contributions in addition to are part of the team Bring their whole selves to work every day Focused on their job, not workplace distractions Goal is 100% engaged at work FACT: 68% of gays in addition to lesbians have faced discrimination at work. 2008 Out & Equal Workplace Survey Dyad Exercise When you can’t just tell the story

Dyad Exercise When you can’t just tell the story Pronouns: He/She Him/Her His/Hers Why not come “out” Degrees of Equality Report, 2009 Diversity of Ideas & Talents/ Product Development The most successful organizations are: Diverse Inclusive Team Oriented Goal Focused Diversity brings More new ideas as long as products in addition to services & solutions Awareness of LGBT consumer needs Higher productivity when 100% engaged FACT: 37% of companies on the CEI have LGBT engagement survey questions. 2010 CEI Report

Sexual Orientation Bisexual Asexual Hetero (male) Lesbian (female) Hetero (female) Gay (male) © 2006 Kelley Winters, GID Re as long as m Advocates Concept Summary ©2006 Kelley Winters, GID Re as long as m Advocates Birth/Assigned Sex Gender Identity Sexual Orientation Gender Expression

Thornton, Carla Contributing Editor

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