Life History The Polish Peasant Breathing Life into Life History Death: 1940s-1960s FYI: as long as a good time, read:

Life History The Polish Peasant Breathing Life into Life History Death: 1940s-1960s FYI: as long as a good time, read:

Life History The Polish Peasant Breathing Life into Life History Death: 1940s-1960s FYI: as long as a good time, read:

Benford, Sally, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Life History: A History Ann M. Glass & Susan L. Minobe 30 April 2008 IS 280 – Soc Sci Res Meth Prof. J.V. Richardson, Jr. Florian Znaniecki Life History an intensive account of a life, usually gathered through unstructured interviewing the analysis of personal documents such as letters, photographs, in addition to diaries (Scott & Marshall, 2005). Used in many fields: Anthropology, History, Literature, Psychology, Social Welfare, Sociology Called by different names: Autobiography, Biography, Case Study, Oral History, Life History

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Birth Pangs: pre-1900 Travel writing Biographies of American Indians Barrett (1906) Radin (1920)

Birth Pangs: early 1900s The Social Re as long as m Movement (1916) Birth “The Chicago School” Department of Sociology & Anthropology 1918-1920: William I. Thomas & Florian Znaniecki’s seminal 5-volume work, “The Polish Peasant in Europe & America” The Polish Peasant Thomas & Znaniecki used hundreds of personal letters, newspaper articles, court records, in addition to social work in addition to immigration documents. One volume (300+ pp) is the autobiography of a single individual

Breathing Life into Life History So, what was the big deal Subjectivity matters And lots in addition to lots in addition to lots of documents!

1920s-1930s A Whole Lotta Life 1923: Anderson “The Hobo” Thomas “The Unadjusted Girl” 1928: Cavan “Suicide” Thrasher “The Gang” Wirth “The Ghetto” 1929: Donovan “The Saleslady” Zorbaugh “The Gold Coast & the Slum” 1930: Shaw “The Jack Roller” 1931: Shaw “The Natural History of a Delinquent Career” 1932: Cressey “The Taxi-Dance Hall” Frazier “The Negro Family in Chicago” 1937: Cornwell & Sutherl in addition to “The Professional Thief” Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives

[FWP] Life histories were described as life sketches, living lore, industrial lore, in addition to occupational lore “The quality of collecting in addition to writing lore varies from state to state, reflecting the skills of the interviewer-writers in addition to the supervision they received.” The following two interviews with the same person, one conducted by an African-American interviewer, one by a white interviewer, present a stark example of the way the narrator’s response to the social identity of the interviewer shapes the interview. Both interviewers worked from a common set of questions Read the two interviews, paying close attention to the interaction between Hamlin/ Hamilton in addition to each interviewer in addition to to the way she recounted her memories of slavery to each of them.

Death: 1940s-1960s Well, not truly “death” as such, per se ( but it did cast rather a gloom over the evening ) FYI: as long as a good time, read: Author/Name: Blumer, Herbert, 1900-1987. Title: An appraisal of Thomas in addition to Znaniecki’s The Polish peasant in Europe in addition to America, by Herbert Blumer, with statements by William I. Thomas in addition to Florian Znaniecki, a panel discussion, in addition to summary in addition to analysis by Read Bain. Published/distributed: NY: Social science research council, [1939] Physical description: 210 p. 23 cm. Series: Critiques of research in the social sciences: I Subject(s): Sociology-Methodology. Record ID: 613182 Location: College Library Call Number: DK411 .T36Z

Blumer’s Appraisal of T&Z – 1939 Social action springs from subjective disposition & must be factored in any analysis T&Z’s proposed laws of social change/ becoming had no substance due to deficiencies in their concepts of “attitude” & “value” Human documents used in PP did not prove/disprove validity of their theories/ generalizations & failed to meet test of scientific criteria Even so, the docs clarified & supported theoretical assertions & vice versa! Kinda Dead: 1940s-1960s Rise of the P-O method Broader social survey method (national instead of just local, probability sampling, prediction) Attitude Scales (Stouffer, 1930) Interviews with narrower focus Analytic Induction, Grounded Theory, Symbolic Interactionism 1970s – It’s Getting Better 1972: Chambliss “Box Man” 1974: Bogdan “Being Different” 1975: Klockars “The Professional Fence” Still, it was a slow process. Meanwhile

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in other news 1967: Division Street 1970: Hard Times: an oral history of the great depression 1974: Working: people talk about what they do all day in addition to how they feel about what they do 1980: American dreams, lost in addition to found 1984: “The Good War” : an oral history of WWII 1992: Race : how blacks in addition to whites think in addition to feel about the American obsession 2003: Hope dies last : keeping the faith in difficult times Re-envisioning: Travel writing! You’ve come a long way, baby Specifically women travel writers

Hearing voices 1989: PNG “Interpreting Women’s Lives” 1993: Behar “Translated woman: crossing the border with Esperanza’s story” McLaughlin & Tierney “Naming Silent Lives Middleton “Educating Feminists” 1994: Sparks “Self, Silence & Invisibility” (journal article) 1995: Plummer “Telling Sexual Stories” 1998: Munro “Subject to Fiction: Women teachers’ life history ” 1999: Robinson “Gay lives: homosexual auto- biography from John Addington Symonds to Paul Monette” 2000: Howard & Stevens “Out & about campus” 2003: Faderman “Naked in the promised l in addition to ” 2004: Galliher “Laud Humphreys : prophet of homosexuality in addition to sociology” 2007: Cruz “Queer Latino testimonio, Keith Haring, in addition to Juanito Xtravaganza” Oh, in addition to we have a few in our field, too Beck, Clare. 2006. The new woman as librarian: the career of Adelaide Hasse. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press Borchert, Don. 2007. Free as long as all : oddballs, geeks, in addition to gangstas in the public library. NY: Virgin Books Dodge, Chris in addition to Jan DeSirey. 1995. Everything you always wanted to know about S in addition to y Berman but were afraid to ask. Jefferson, NC: McFarl in addition to Ellsworth, Ralph Eugene. 1980. Ellsworth on Ellsworth. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press Gaver, Mary Virginia. 1988. A braided cord: memoirs of a school librarian. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press Horn, Zoia. 1995. Zoia! : memoirs of Zoia Horn, battler as long as people’s right to know. Jefferson, NC: McFarl in addition to

Selected Bibliography Plummer, Ken 1983. Documents of Life. London: George Allen & Unwin. Roberts, Brian 2002. Biographical Research. Philadelphia: Open University Press. Yow, V. 2004. “Review of Key Themes in Qualitative Research: Continuities in addition to Change “by Paul Atkinson, Am in addition to a Coffey, in addition to Sara Delamont, in The Oral History Review, Vol. 31, No. 1: 104-106 .Retrieved 4/23/08 from

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