Life of a Stan as long as d Invention Notable Stan as long as d Inventions Timeline of Stan as long as d In

Life of a Stan as long as d Invention Notable Stan as long as d Inventions Timeline of Stan as long as d In

Life of a Stan as long as d Invention Notable Stan as long as d Inventions Timeline of Stan as long as d In

Storm, Marvin, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Life of a Stan as long as d Invention Notable Stan as long as d Inventions Timeline of Stan as long as d Inventions 1970 – OTL Established 1971 – FM Sound Synthesis ($22.9M) 1974 – Recombinant DNA ($255M) 1981 – Fiber Optic Amplifier ($48.4M), MINOS ($4.3M) 1984 – Functional Antibodies ($551M) 1990-1992 – Discrete Multi-tone Technologies as long as DSL ($29.6M) 1993 – MIMO as long as Wireless Broadcast ($1.6M) 1996 – Improved Hypertext Searching – GoogleTM ($341M) 2001-2003 – Data Visualization Software ($14.8M) 2001-2007 – Treatment as long as Celiac Disease ($0.7M) 2002 – Code Error Detection Software ($10.8M) 2010-2012 – Education Program as long as Gifted Youth ($2M) 2017 – the next big thing

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Stan as long as d inventions begin as nascent ideas supported by over $1 billion per year of funding as long as research across 7 schools in addition to SLAC. Big Picture Stan as long as d Budget FY15-16: $5.5B Total $1.22B as long as research $1.63B of gifts (FY15) $22.2B Endowment OTL $95.1M income in FY15 Stan as long as d has over 16,000 students in addition to over 2,100 faculty members that teach in addition to conduct research.

How are Stan as long as d innovations transferred to others to develop into new products in addition to companies Background: Stan as long as d Intellectual Property Policies SU18 – Stan as long as d University Patent in addition to Copyright Agreement Patent policy- University takes title to all inventions created with more than incidental use of university resources Copyright policy – University takes title to copyrightable works created with significant university resources

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) is responsible as long as the as long as mal transfer of patents, copyrights in addition to other technology through license agreements. OTL’s Mission: To promote the transfer of Stan as long as d technology as long as society’s use in addition to benefit while generating unrestricted income to support research in addition to education. Most Inventions are Never Licensed 9-10 invention disclosures/week 50% have patent applications filed 20-25% are licensed some inventions such as software in addition to biological materials are licensed without patent protection

Disclosures Then 28 in 1970 Now 484 in 2015 10,862 cumulative How Does OTL Decide Licensing teams try to decide which inventions can make an impact. Questions Is the invention evolutionary or revolutionary What is the stage of development Is it patentable in addition to could a patent be en as long as ced What is the potential market size What is the inventor’s track record

Licensing Teams Decide Patent in addition to Licensing Strategy Licensing Associate in addition to Liaison teams have technical degrees in addition to are market focused. “Cradle to Grave” Evaluate overall potential Develop intellectual property strategy in addition to manage patent prosecution Determine when in addition to how to market in addition to license the invention Negotiate contracts Maintain in addition to amend agreements Monitor development in addition to commercialization in addition to track royalty payments OTL Markets Broadly to Find the Best Fit as long as the Technology

Recombinant DNA: Many Companies of All Sizes FM Sound: One Big Company Functional Antibodies: One Mid-Sized Company

Google: One Start-Up Company 112 New License Agreements in FY15 38 non-exclusive 43 exclusive 31 option agreements Licenses Then 3 in 1970 Now 112 in FY15 over 2200 active licenses from ~3500 active inventions ~3500 cumulative licenses some inventions have many licensees

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What is in a License Financial terms can include: License issue fee Annual minimum payments Earned royalties Equity (if appropriate) Reimbursement of patent costs Non-financial terms can include: Field of Use Non-exclusive or exclusive rights Development milestones in addition to diligence provisions Sample Agreement: http://otl.stan as long as Equity Can be One Component of the Financial Package Historically, about 10-15% of OTL’s licenses include equity. In recent years, this has climbed to 20-25%. License Agreements with Equity 28 licenses with equity in FY15 Stan as long as d holds equity in 121 companies as a result of license agreements (as of Aug. 31, 2015) Managed by Stan as long as d Management Company Liquidated soon after IPO or at merger/acquisition

Equity Cash-Out at Stan as long as d $3.2M in FY15 $396M cumulative from equity vs. $1.77B in total income $60M cumulative from non-Google equity vs. $1.37B in cumulative cash royalties Licensed Inventions Can Develop into Products that generate income as long as the company in addition to royalty returns to Stan as long as d. Income Then $50K in 1970 Now $95.1M in FY15 $1.77B cumulative Big Winners Cohen-Boyer Recombinant DNA ($255M) Google ($341M) Functional Antibodies ($551M)

More In as long as mation on OTL Website “The inventions that we are seeing today could change the future” OTL Annual Report 2015. Search as long as new technologies on Techfinder http://otl.stan as long as

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