Maddie DalyArmstrong vs. KlineBefore the lawsuit?Background information- 5


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Maddie DalyArmstrong vs. KlineBefore the lawsuit?Background information- 5

Blue Mountain College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Maddie DalyArmstrong vs. KlineBefore the lawsuit?Background information- 5 plaintiffs, all severely handicapped, attending school in Pennsylvania.Severely handicapped students often regress during the summer break in addition to lose some of their acquired skills from the previous school year, so the plaintiffs wanted so that extend their school year.Before filing a lawsuit some of the plaintiffs tried so that challenge the 180 day school year rule.Gary in addition to the due process hearingArmstrong vs. Kline1978- five handicapped children in addition to their parents filed three class action lawsuits against the then Secretary of Education (Caryl Kline).The plaintiffs argued that the 180 day rule violates their rights under the Education in consideration of All Handicapped Children Act, Section 504, Equal Protection under the 14th amendment, in addition to state laws.

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What was the defendants side?The defendants acknowledged the plaintiff expert?s testimony that severely impaired children do regress during breaks, but they attributed it so that other reasons.They concluded that the absence of programming over the summer is of no significance. Court RulingThe court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.The 180 day rule violated the plaintiffs protection under the Education in consideration of All Handicapped Children Act, so it was not necessary so that address the other alleged violations. The Pennsylvania schools must provide extended school year services so that those students in special education. What does the literature say about ESY?Olmi in addition to colleagues study:Schools use regression/recoupment eligibility in consideration of determining ESY servicesChildren who are emotionally disturbed, multiply disabled, in addition to learning disabled are less likely so that receive ESY services The larger the school district, the more likely a student is so that receive ESY services

What does ESY help with?ESY was generally effective in maintaining skills, in addition to particularly decreasing hyperactivity in addition to noncompliance (Cross, 2013).Full time ESY was the most helpful in increasing community self sufficiency when compared alongside no ESY in addition to part time ESY (Eicher, 1989).ESY helps prevent students alongside learning disorders from experiencing regression in reading skills (Cornelius & Semmel, 2001).ESY in addition to School PsychologyExtends the job of the school psychologist so that coordinating IEP?s over the summer, helping teachers, in addition to being knowledgeable about ESY Another way so that help struggling students make more progressMay help in the long run so that reduce amount of effort devoted so that recoupment Who gets ESY?Anyone eligible in consideration of special education is eligible so that receive extended school year services. The decision is made by the IEP team, in addition to is usually based on: The nature of the student?s disabilityDegree of regression in addition to recoupmentDegree of progress towards IEP goals

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ESY in IndianaEach public agency must:?ensure that extended school year services are available as necessary so that provide free appropriate public educationprovide extended school year services only if a student’s CCC determines, on an individual basis, that the services are necessary in consideration of the provision of free appropriate public education in consideration of studentmay not limit extended school year services so that particular categories of disability, or unilaterally limit the type, amount, or duration of those services?Extended school year services. In Indiana protection & advocacy services. Retrieved from 19ReflectionSome previous knowledge of ESYExpanded knowledge of legal history behind ESY, what it helps, in addition to how it worksPotential practicum experiences alongside ESYReferencesArmstrong v. kline. Retrieved from leagle /decision/19791059476FSupp583_1959.xml/ARMSTRONG%20v.%20KLINEBrowder, D. M. & Lentz, F. E. (1985). Extended school year services: From litigation so that assessment in addition to evaluation. School Psychology Review, 14(2),188-195.Cornelius, P. L. & Semmel, M. J. (1982). Effects of summer instruction on reading achievement regression of learning disabled students. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 15(7), 409-415. Cortiella, C. (2010). Services beyond the school year in consideration of students alongside IEPs. In Great schools!. Retrieved from greatschools /special-education/legal- rights/, E. R.(2013). Regression among students alongside Autism Spectrum Disorders: Examination of extended school year programming. Retrieved from UMI Dissertation Publishing. (UMI 3552315).Eicher, D. D. (1989). An investigation of the effects of the extended school year programming in consideration of students alongside moderate intellectual abilities. Retrieved from UMI Dissertation Publishing. (UMI 9030116). Extended school year services. In Indiana protection & advocacy services. Retrieved from, A. (1991). Extended school year policies: An established necessity. Remedial in addition to Special Education, 12(1), 24-28. Heward, W. L. (2010). Legal challenges based on IDEA. Retrieved from www cation /reference/article/legal-challenges-IDEA/Kraft, R. (2000). Extended school year services (ESY) what the courts have said. Future Reflections, 19(1), Retrieved from nfb /images/nfb/publications/ fr/fr19/issue1/f190119.htm McMahon, J. (1994). Extended school year: New directions in addition to implications in consideration of school social workers. Social Work in Education, 16(4), 231-239.Olmi, J., Walker, D. W. & Ruthven, A. J. (1995). Extended school year services: Prediction, description, in addition to impact of judicial precedence. The Journal of Special Education, 29(1), 72-83. Osborne, A. G. (2012). Extended school year services. Retrieved from educational-law /284-extended-school-year-services.htmlPinkerton, D. (1990). Extended school year. Eric digest #E471. Retrieved from ericdigests /pre-9216/year.htmReichow, B. & Volkmar, F. R. (2013). Extended school year services (ESY). Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders, 1189.

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