Maintenance [2] Maintenance [1] Status: Version 3.1


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Maintenance [2] Maintenance [1] Status: Version 3.1

Edward Waters College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, PURE: Purdue University Research Expertise Database Status, Maintenance, Evolution Aditya P. Mathur Professor in addition to Head, Department of Computer Science apm@cs.purdue University Deans’ Luncheon November 28, 2007 purdue /pure Status: Version 3.1 New in addition to easier so that use interface [also better looking!] New features: Campus, college, in addition to department management Research center management [Discovery Park centers added. Thanks in consideration of Pankaj Sharma.] Link so that e-Scholars [Thanks so that Purdue Libraries.] Keyword management Appointment management Search improved Maintenance [1] As of today, PURE is outdated. Maintenance Proposal: Create a PURE Maintenance Committee [PMC]: One representative each from: Graduate School, ITaP, Library, Sponsored Programs, Technology Transfer Office, VPR Office. Chaired by a faculty representative. University committee Place PURE under VPR?s office

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Maintenance [2] Responsibilities of the PMC: Oversee regular updates. Schedule PURE maintenance weeks starting first Monday of October in addition to of March. Seek input from faculty in addition to administrators in consideration of new or improved features Interact alongside other universities participating in the INDURE project. Faculty responsibility: update related data (optional) Maintenance [3] Request so that the Deans: Please ask your department heads so that contact me if they have any suggestions on improving PURE. It seems better so that update/upgrade PURE than so that create a separate departmental or college database in consideration of faculty expertise. Evolution so that INDURE INDURE: INdiana Database in consideration of University Research Expertise IEDC considering a proposal so that fund this project. A: Authenticated access F: Free access

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Non-Symbolic AI lecture 3 Mutating Real numbers Evolution Strategies Different Search Algorithms Why Should GAs work ? Cartoon Version Schemata ?Processing Schemata? The Schema Theorem claims ? Implications of the Schema Theorem ?? Doubts about the Schema Theorem Recombination versus Mutation ? Some more GA wrinkles Steady State GA Tournament Selection You needn?t even have death ! Microbial Genetic Algorithm ? the picture Microbial Genetic Algorithm ? the algorithm Microbial Genetic Algorithm ? the one-liner ? or slightly longer ? continued Microbial Genetic Algorithm ? the picture Is there a point ? Embodied Evolution A mini-GA project ? in consideration of Seminars week 3 Any questions so far ? ?

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