Major Declaration What this presentation covers: The Cognitive Science Major Admission Policy Next Steps

Major Declaration What this presentation covers: The Cognitive Science Major Admission Policy Next Steps

Major Declaration What this presentation covers: The Cognitive Science Major Admission Policy Next Steps

Grabel, Jennie, Morning On-Air Host; Music Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Major Declaration Cognitive Science Major What this presentation covers: Cognitive Science Major Overview Major Worksheet – Keep track of your requirements! Major Declaration Form Academic Planning Form Deadline In as long as mation The Cognitive Science Major Courses that must be completed BEFORE you declare: Psych 2: Intro to Psych Statistics (or AMS 5 or 7) Psych 20: Intro to Cognitive Psychology Calculus: AMS 11A or Math 11A or Math 19A or Math 20A Programming: CMPE 13/L or CMPS 5C or CMPS 5J or CMPS 5P or CMPS 12A

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Admission Policy Students admitted to the major must have a 3.00 grade-point average (GPA) in the lower-division requirements, with no single grade lower than C in addition to no course taken P/NP. Transfer students may substitute equivalent courses from other institutions, with the exception of Psychology 20. Students receiving a C or lower in one of the lower-division courses may contact the department as long as possible substitutions. Next Steps Psych 100: Research Methods (7 unit course) Psych 100 is required to enroll in upper-division psychology courses Psych 100 has a ½ DC General Education requirement Upper Division Courses Core Courses Choose 3 from the following: Psyc 121: Perception Psyc 123: Behavioral Neuroscience Psyc 125: Psychology of Language Psyc 129: Learning & Memory Elective Courses Choose 3 from the following: Psyc 120-139,101, 105, 119F, 181, 194, 195A in addition to /or Psyc 204-252 (by petition) – excluding 230, 231 & 242 One of the above classes must fulfill the comprehensive requirement (Psyc 139A-G, 194A with Callanan, Akhtar or Wang, 194B or 195)

Comprehensive Requirement Cognitive Science Majors must take at least one of the following 139A-Z: Cognitive Senior Seminar courses 194A: Developmental Research (with Callanan, Akhtar or Wang) 194B: Cognitive Research 195: Senior Thesis 4 Interdisciplinary Electives Choose an Emphasized Group: Evolution AI/HCI Linguistics Philosophy Three courses must be from the emphasized group, the fourth can be from any group (including the emphasized group) Major Worksheet Get yours here:

Have you completed Psyc 2 & 20, Calculus in addition to Programming Major Declaration! Major Declaration Forms We require both as long as ms to be submitted as long as all students declaring. Major Declaration Form Academic Planning Form Your Name ID Number College Phone Email Signature Date On the major declaration as long as m items to fill out: Name ID Number College Phone Email Check “single major” or “double major” or “major/minor” Sign & Date Check “Psychology”

Make sure to include: Name ID Number Date Phone Email College Major: Cog Science Sign & Date See Next Slide as long as Plan Info! You must include in the calendar or notes: Psyc 2 Psyc 20 Calculus Programming Psyc 100 Upper Division 3 UD Core Courses 3 Cognitive Electives 1 should fulfill the comprehensive req 4 Interdisciplinary Electives 3 must be from the same group Signature Date Sign Here! Please include your planned emphasized group Academic Planning Form TIPS! KEEP IT SIMPLE! Just include courses that are required, do not include extras Make sure you have the 4 lower division classes, Psyc 100, 3 core courses, 3 Cog Electives in addition to 4 Interdisciplinary Electives somewhere on the as long as m (notes or in the calendar!) This is just a plan – you can mix it up, change the quarters – keep track with your major worksheet!

Deadline to Declare! Declaration as long as ms will be accepted at any time. To GUARANTEE that you will be declared be as long as e the next quarter’s enrollment, as long as ms are due by the Declaration Deadline on the Academic in addition to Administrative Calendar Questions Need Help Advising Workshops Academic Planning Graduate School EAP Other! Peer Advisors Peer advisors are here to help you one-on-one! Spring 2012 Drop-In Hours M/W: 9-11:30AM T/Th:9AM-12PM & 1-3:45PM Friday: 1-4PM Resources Updated Advising In as long as mation: Advising Workshops: Enrollment Assistance: Look Around:

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Grabel, Jennie Morning On-Air Host; Music Director

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