Managing Your Literature Search Using Zotero Outline What is Zotero

Managing Your Literature Search Using Zotero Outline What is Zotero

Managing Your Literature Search Using Zotero Outline What is Zotero

Mackey, Jack, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Managing Your Literature Search Using ZoteroDeb WernerDirector of Library Research in Medical Educationdwerner@uchicago.eduOverview of ZoteroInstall Zotero St in addition to alone + ConnectorSet up Online SyncSave CitationsUse Zotero with Microsoft WordOutlineA reference manager that facilitates collecting in addition to organizing references.What is Zotero

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Have you begun your lit reviewYesNoAre you using a reference manager to save your referencesYesNoYour literature reviewZoteroEndNoteMendeleyPapersRefWorksOtherWhich reference manager do you useZotero as long as Firefox

Zotero St in addition to aloneZotero LibraryConnects your browser to Zotero St in addition to aloneBrowser extension (Connector)

Exit Microsoft WordGo to Zotero.orgClick Install the St in addition to aloneInstall the extensionInstall ZoteroGo to Zotero.orgClick Register in upper rightCreate your accountVerify your accountSet Up Online SyncOpen Zotero St in addition to aloneGo to Actions > Preferences > Sync in addition to enter your account in as long as mationSet Up Online Sync (continued)

Go to Actions > Preferences > Search Click Check as long as InstallerSet Up PDF IndexingZotero icon appears in browser location barClick icon to save citations to Zotero FirefoxChromeSafariSave CitationsRight-click anywhere on pageClick ZoteroSave Citations

Save Citations from PubMedSelect “Send to”Select “File”Under Format, select “XML”Click “Create File” buttonIn Zotero, Import fileSave Multiple Pages from PubMedDrag & Drop PDFs

Found in Add-Ins ribbonZotero with Word – Windows Floating toolbarZotero with Word – Mac View > Toolbars > ZoteroZotero with Word – Mac

Set citation styleAdd citationsUpdate citations & refresh the documentInsert bibliography Use Zotero with WordFolders – organize your libraryDuplicates – find & reconcile duplicate citationsAdd by Identifier – save citations by DOI, PMID, etc.Notes – take research notes in ZoteroGroups – share citations with collaboratorsDo More with ZoteroZotero Guide: your questions or schedule a consultationZotero.orgQuick Start GuideScreencast tutorialsDiscussion as long as umsLearn More & Get Help

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QuestionsImport RIS files:Go to Actions > Import Select the RIS fileTransfer Citations

Mackey, Jack Contributing Editor

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