Marketing Research Chapter Twenty-four Phases in New Product Research Concept Generation Concept Generation (Contd.)

Marketing Research Chapter Twenty-four Phases in New Product Research Concept Generation Concept Generation (Contd.)

Marketing Research Chapter Twenty-four Phases in New Product Research Concept Generation Concept Generation (Contd.)

Mason, Lisa, Morning Drive-Time Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Marketing Research Aaker, Kumar, Day Ninth Edition Instructor’s Presentation Slides Chapter Twenty-four Traditional Applications of Marketing Intelligence Phases in New Product Research Concept Generation Need Identification Concept Identification Concept Evaluation in addition to Development Product Evaluation in addition to Development Testing the Marketing Program

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Concept Generation Need Identification Concept Generation (Contd.) Concept Identification Product Evaluation And Development Use Testing Virtual Product Testing Blind use test Predicting Trial Purchase Pre-test Marketing

Pretest Marketing Example The ASSESSOR Laboratory Test Market Research Design in addition to Measurement Test Marketing Sell-in test markets Controlled Distribution Scanner Markets (CDSM) Selecting the test cities Representativeness Data availability Media isolation in addition to costs Product flow Really New Products Create or exp in addition to a new category, thereby making cross-category competition the key (e.g., fruit teas versus soft drinks) Are new to customers, as long as whom substantial learning is often required (i.e., what it can be used as long as , what it competes with, why it is useful) Raise broad issues such as appropriate channels of distribution in addition to organizational responsibility Create (sometimes) a need as long as infrastructure, software, in addition to add-ons

Pricing Research Gabor in addition to Grainger method Multi-br in addition to choice method Research as long as Profit-oriented Pricing Research as long as Share-oriented Pricing Pricing Research (Contd.) The pricing pattern that is adopted as long as increasing market share is to: Offer a lower price (even below cost) when entering the market. Hold that price constant until unit costs produce a desired percentage markup. Reduce price as costs fall to maintain markup at the same desired percentage of costs. The types of in as long as mation required as long as this pricing method are The nature of the experience curve. Breakeven points. Cost of units sold to additional market segments. Competitor costs. Forecast of the ‘‘decline’’ stage of the product life cycle. Distribution Research Warehouse in addition to Retail Location Research Center-of-gravity Simulation Computerized Simulation Models Catchment Area Analysis Outlet Location Research Center-of-gravity warehouse location to serve five retail stores.

Distribution Research (Contd.) Number in addition to Location of Sales Representatives Sales ef as long as t approach Statistical analysis of sales data Field experiments Computerized models of sales as long as ce size in addition to allocation by market in addition to by product line Advertising Research Criteria Recognition Recall Day-After Recall (DAR) measure – on-air test Persuasion Forced exposure, br in addition to preference change test Clutter/awareness score Attitude-shift measure Impact on purchase behavior Advertising Research (Contd.) Sample diagnostic questions: Comprehension of message or slogan Communication of secondary copy ideas Evaluation of demonstrations, spokesperson, message Perception of br in addition to uniqueness or br in addition to differentiation Irritating or confusing elements Viewer involvement

Advertising Research (Contd.) Purchase Behavior Coupon stimulated purchasing Split-cable tests Copy Test Validity Qualitative Research Audience Impressions of the Ad Adjective Checklist Eye Movement Physiological Measurement Advertising Research (Contd.) Media Research Measuring print vehicle audiences Recent-reading method Reading-habit method Measuring broadcast vehicles audiences Sales Promotion Research Promotional Tools Price Discounts Features Displays Coupons / Rebates Sweepstakes

Sales Promotion Research (Contd.) Promotional Strategy Hi-lo Every Day Low Price (EDLP) A schematic framework of the major types of sales promotion. Sales Promotion Research (Contd.) Specific Sales Promotional Tools

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