Markus Zank; Leyla Kern; Andreas KunzETH Zurich16.02.20161Improvements on a Nove

Markus Zank; Leyla Kern; Andreas KunzETH Zurich16.02.20161Improvements on a Nove

Markus Zank; Leyla Kern; Andreas KunzETH Zurich16.02.20161Improvements on a Nove

Swanson, Doug, General Manager has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Markus Zank; Leyla Kern; Andreas KunzETH Zurich16.02.20161Improvements on a Novel Hybrid Tracking SystemBackground in addition to application fieldClassification of tracking systemsBasic operation principleBuilding in addition to testing the systemConclusions in addition to outlook2/16/20162ContentVR environments gain immersion by the sensation of real walking on ground (without treadmills)Sizes in addition to distances can be perceived more naturally than with a “flythrough” (using a joystick, etc.)Requires continuous accurate tracking even under adverse conditionsHybrid systems (optical in addition to inertia-based) often not sufficient due to drift2/16/20163Background in addition to application field

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2/16/20164Classification of tracking systemsInertia-based systems drift quadratically with time:Errors occur even if the user does not walkFrequent recalibration necessaryElectromagnetic tracking systems directly measure distancesNeed fixed reference pointNot suitable as long as exploring large virtual environmentsDo not drift with timeError increases with large tracking distance2/16/20165Classification of tracking systemsIdea of a “quasistatic” reference on the stationary footBase station is attached to HMD, measures distance to stationary in addition to moving footDistance from one foot to the other can be calculatedError linearly accumulates with the number of steps, but not with distance or timeIMU is used as long as step detection only2/16/20166Basic operation principle

Old switching mode changed reference one a foot entered the swing modeLarge position error since reference is switched during swing phaseNew switching method changes reference once a foot enters stance phaseSmall error since reference is switched while both feet are in stance phase2/16/20167Basic operation principleRazer Hydra electromagnetic tracking system:Two sensors, one base station (cable-bound)Two ReSense accelerometers (Blue tooth connectivity)Razer sensors are attached to shoes’ heelsAccelerometers are attached to shoes heelsRazer base station is attached to head-mounted display2/16/20168Building in addition to testing the systemOld in addition to new system setup is comparedIn both cases: Oscillations stem from walkingReference is taken with an absolute optical tracking system Intersense IS-1200Old setup immediately shows measurement errorNew setup follows ideal path as long as about 14 s (slow walking) 2/16/20169Building in addition to testing the system

Proposed system is able to bridge situations with invisible markersRecalibration is less frequently required than as long as inertia systems larger distance of markers possibleElectromagnetic system still cable-bound, wireless preferred STEMSensor signals will also be used to control limbs’ movements of an avatarFoot’s roll motion is still a source of error will be eliminated in future work. 2/16/201610Conclusions in addition to outlook{zank, kunz}@iwf.mavt.ethz.chThank you as long as your attention.

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