Measurements in physics Conversions ( ) ( )

Measurements in physics Conversions ( ) ( )

Measurements in physics Conversions ( ) ( )

Lum, Earl, Founder and Managing Analyst has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Mr. Villa PHYSICS Measurements in physics MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS Physics uses mathematics as a powerful language. In Physics, equations are important tools as long as modeling observations in addition to as long as making predictions. UNITS, STANDARDS AND THE SI SYSTEM The base units that will be used in this course are: meter, kilogram, second

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All physical quantities are expressed in terms of base units. For example, the velocity is usually given in units of m/s. All other units are derived units in addition to may be expressed as a combination of base units. For example: A Newton is a unit of as long as ce: 1 N = 1 kg.m/s2 SYSTEME INTERNATIONAL The scientific community follows the SI Systeme International, based on the metric system: SI PREFIXES

Conversions Conversion of units refers to conversion factors between different units of measurement as long as the same quantity. Example: How many inches are in 1 meter What do we know 1meter=3.3ft 1foot=12in What we do line up units so that everything cancels, but that last term what you need! 1 meter ( ) 12in 1ft 3.3ft 1m ( ) = 39.6 in. PART III. FACTOR-LABEL METHOD FOR CONVERTING UNITS Change 25 km/h to m/s = 6.94 m/s What is the conversion factor to convert km/h to m/s DIVIDE BY 3.6 What is the conversion factor to convert m/s to km/h MULTIPLY BY 3.6 USE 03 PHYISCS SKILLS W.S. – UNIT CONVERSION 1. Convert 28 km to cm. 2. Convert 45 kg to mg.

3. Convert 85 cm/min to m/s. 4. 8.8×10-8 m to mm 5. Convert the speed of light, 3×108 m/s, to km/day. 6. Convert 450 m/s to km/h. 7. Convert 150 km/h to m/s 8. How many seconds are in a year

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