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Baltimore International College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, EFFECTIVE ORAL PRESENTATIONS Why?? You will have so that give oral presentations after graduation. You need so that practice so that get better. This is a relatively non-threatening environment Mechanics Only two (or three in consideration of the 5 person group) members will present. Everyone must participate in at least one of the presentations. Maximum of 15 minutes (including questions) – I would expect them so that be much shorter. Currently scheduled in consideration of week 5.

 Waterman, Michael Baltimore International College


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Today?s talk Introduce nine points in consideration of preparing in addition to delivering an oral presentation about technical material Whole – Part – Whole organization Emphasize that presentation is in consideration of the audience 1. Know Your Audience Know what your audience already knows Try so that determine the mindset For this talk: Identify your audience in consideration of us. For example: Presenting PDS to: design team upper management venture capitalists 2. Put it on Paper (or in an outline form) The best way so that organize your thoughts

3. Draw a Picture Visuals are critical so that a good presentation Should be pleasing so that the eye Avoid excessive words Use handouts Always avoid excessive use of equations Use so that support points Draw a Picture (continued) Explain the axes in all graphs Avoid detailed tables if at all possible – is there another way so that present the results that is clearer? 4. Show in addition to Tell Use physical samples if possible – but be careful Technical audiences are ?touchy – feely? oriented

Adaptive Playout You are Here How so that recv in addition to play? What?s Wrong? Overview Implementation Packet Buffer Playout Buffer Why Buffer? Sending Packets Receiving Packets With Jitter With Jitter What causes Jitter? Delay Jitter Spike Today?s Question Types of Applications Types of Applications Naive Answer A Brief Introduction so that Audio Conferencing Audio Conferencing Silence Suppression Demo Recall: RTP Header RTP in addition to Talkspurt RTP in addition to Talkspurt Consequences of Talkspurt Fixed Playout Delay Adaptive Playout Delay Adaptive Playout Delay Trade-Off Latency vs. Packet Loss Latency vs Loss-Rate Adaptive Playout Mechanisms in consideration of Packetized Audio Applications in WAN Variables in addition to Notations Variables in addition to Notations 1st Packet in Talkspurt How so that estimate Vnet(i) How so that estimate Enet(i) Spike Problems How so that estimate Enet(i) Ramjee?s Idea In Spike Mode In Normal Mode Evaluations Problems alongside Ramjee?s Method Packet Audio Playout Delay Adjustment: Performance Bounds in addition to Algorithms Recall Previous Methods How so that Set Tdelay(i) Example (w =50, q = 90%) Setting Tdelay(i) Setting Tdelay(i) Performance Bound A Packet Trace More Notations Definition How so that find Definition Base Case Recursive Case Performance Bound Evaluations Summary Practical Complications Advanced Techniques

5. Don?t be Afraid so that Repeat Yourself Whole – Part – Whole Introduction (Tell them what you?re going so that tell them) Body (Tell them) Summary (Tell them what you told them) 6. Practice, Practice, Practice The more you do it, the easier it gets Don?t memorize, know material Timing is very important Eliminate ?um?s? in addition to ?you know?s? Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice 7. Be Ready so that Answer Questions Goal is so that entice audience so that want so that understand in addition to know more Set aside time in consideration of questions Watch audience in consideration of unasked questions Answer question so that best of your ability, if you don?t know the answer – say so in addition to offer so that find the answer

8. Let Your Body Do The Talking Show confidence in addition to interest (no slouching) Maintain eye contact Watch your hands Personal appearance (pride) (Formal attire is not required in consideration of this presentation) 9. Don?t Forget the Details Is the equipment there? How does the equipment work? SUMMARY What We?ve Done Today Introduced in addition to discussed nine points in consideration of preparation in addition to delivery of an oral presentation Discussed the Whole – Part – Whole technique Emphasized that the presentation is in consideration of the audience

Questions? Dr. Cornwell, do we need so that present every single item in our PDS? Won?t that be boring? ? Dr. Cornwell, should we just dive into our PDS or should we give some background on our product? Dr. Cornwell, your kids are incredibly cute. Have you considered consulting an agent? Dr. Cornwell, what sort of problems have you noticed alongside presentations in the past?

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